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I am in the process of doing the body work on my 72. I have encountered lead in the front bumper area, is this the only place they used lead?
I was also going to have the grates, front and back dipped and E coated but am not sure if the grills are welded, soldered or brazed to the frames. Can anyone enlighten me on these topics?
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When I did my car,I found lead lower fron windsheild pillars,behind 'gills' where first bend of deck lid is,rear around outer tailights.Cant remember if there was more.

My body guy did a thin coat of filler over these areas.
I now have stress cracks in rear of gill,and taillights area.

Sould I have redone the lead?
Or, is there a better 'modern' solution??

All the areas Craneman noted will crack paint (& eventually, body metal) with normal driving & age, aggressive driving much more quickly, or with big tires withing a couple of years. A more durable solution is seam-welding in place of the spot-welds in these areas, then any sort of modern plastic body-filler over the welded areas. Seam-welding the whole car with doublers in the windshield post bottoms are also a good idea. Once done, you'll find you have a very stiff Pantera that will not crack paint, even with giant tires, and may not need those aftermarket body- stuffeners! But this is a massive undertaking unless you are totally restoring the machine.
Welded in doublers lower windshield posts, removed all brazing, rewelded areas. Removed lead "y" area aft of gills, welded in 18ga. doublers. Also R'H side had 1/8"thick lead up outside vertical lip by "y" area, Also the 10" x 3/4" lead up hatch channel had 33% not adhering to basemetal which would contribute to stress cracks. Looks like not tinned properly. Also rewelded seams, "L" doubler at taillights.Releading areas to contour to doublers.
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