Hello all, I need a second hand rack. I would be interested in a RHD rack if there is such a thing - I am suspecting that they might just get flipped from LH to RH.

Any ideas are welcome. I have heard in the past that Pantera racks are identical to Ford Cortina racks - can anyone confirm this?

Also I have lost an e-mail from another Aussie Pantera owner who wants to share info about racks and suspension interchangability - sorry can you please contact me again? I've spent an hour trying to find you rmessage and I can't!

Cheers, James
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James, one of your neighbors in Melbourn mentioned that a right-hand rack from a Ferrari 308-series bolts right in for such a conversion. Flipping the Pantera's Cam Gears rack doesn't work.
Hi James,
the vendors sell new LHD racks (or rebuild parts) at a reasonable price if you are repairing a LHD car. If you are planning to convert to a RHD then you need a RHD rack. They are available.

A Cortina rack is not compatible.

Flipping a rack results in the wheels turning the opposite way to the steering wheel.

The flipping idea was given to me by someone who was supposed to know this stuff - sounds like I may have been the subject of a few laughs - but that's OK, I haven't worked with steering racks before.

I still need a decent used LHD rack in the US- can anyone help?
Bump. Steering rack in the US still required for shipping to FL - can anyone help with a second hand part?
I have a used LHD Rack and Pinion out of My '74L. I went to a TRW Racing Unit. This One is A little loose in the bushing, You'll have to replace it! It has Never been apart, Never seen Water! In Very Good NO Rust Condition! NO Rod-End Joints are included!! There are Aproximately 45,000 Miles on it. I was keeping it as a Spare but I will Take $300.00 US for it, PLUS the Shipping cost. Take it or Leave it!!
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