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Hi David, the wheels in the pictures are both sizes.  You are correct that the fronts are 17’s and the backs are 18’s.  

Another member wanted some info so I thought I would post some close up shots of the wheels.

I believe that the centers are different sizes but am not totally  sure.  I can’t check right now as the car had a few minor issues so it is at my friends shop.

I also want to say many thanks for the help in answering some of my questions along the way.  It was greatly appreciated.  Thanks again David.



If you figure out a source for a nice looking set of FR500 style (or anything else) that fit a narrowbody car, looks cool, that you can get modern, performance tires for, and doesn't cost over 6-7K for the set, please post up the vendor, wheel specs, and estimated price!

I'm sure a lot of people would appreciate it!




I now beleive the 285/50R15 P7 has actually been produced. I also beleive they are currently in a lorry on their way to Longstone Tyres! which is great news.

They will be on here soon

Of course i will post on here again when they get here. How exciting, but blimey iot has taken some time, but the Pandemic has cost us an extra 2 years, and i do have other projects in with Pirelli that have just been put on the back burner so it will be great to get these.

i am relatively confident i will be able to keep the price sensible.

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