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For those of you who read my introductory post about being the new owner of chassis 3820, you’ll know that I’m in the process of pulling the non-running EFI system that was on the car when I bought it in order to go back to a carburetor.

After spending the better part of last weekend pulling about 75% of it off, I have some questions regarding replacement parts and what I might be able to retain from the EFI system.

I’ve spoken to Larry at Pantera Parts Connection in Carson City (real helpful guy) and he suggested going with a Duraspark ignition.  I’m somewhat familiar with these from my many years in the first generation Bronco hobby, but the Broncos I’ve owned over the years have all been too early to actually have a Duraspark setup from the factory.

So, questions about the Duraspark setup:

Is that what would be recommended by the members here on the board?

Is there a noticeable difference or reason to choose between Duraspark I and II?

I still have the TFI distributor and coil from the EFI setup installed.  From my research, it appears that I cannot use the TFI distributor with the Duraspark ignition, but I can use the TFI coil.  If both of these are correct, is there a particular distributor the board recommends?  Is there any reason to not use the TFI coil?  If for some reason it’s suggested that I don’t use it, is there a particular coil the board recommends?

Fuel pump:

Since the high pressure EFI fuel pump has now been removed and the stock mechanical pump was been removed when the EFI was installed, I’ll need to find a decent high quality mechanical pump.  I see the Carter M6882 has been mentioned a few times.  Carter is a widely used brand in the Early Bronco hobby.  Is that the recommended pump for the Pantera, or is there a better one?


Larry in our conversation recommended a Quick Fuel carb that he stocks.  Anyone here running one?  Anyone have an opinion about this as a choice?  Any other suggestions?

I realize a lot of the input on parts has to do with the engine in the car.  Looking through the receipts and engine info that came with the car, I believe the engine has a Ford Motorsports M-6250-A342  camshaft and has a compression ratio of 10.54:1.

I’ve included dyno test results below.  If this info influences any of the recommendation on parts, please take it into consideration.


Images (2)
  • Horsepower Dyno Results: Horsepower
  • Torque Dyno Results: Torque
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Here's my 2 cents...mostly because I'm basically cheap.

in 2015, I wired up a Duraspark I (red strain relief) per George Pence's diagram when my MSD failed. Installed along with a remanufactured Motorcraft/Duraspark distributor with MSD Blaster SS coil. Spent some time to get the advance curve where it needed to be. No ignition issues since. I can't address your TFI distributor and coil question.

Bought an off-the-shelf fuel pump in 2001 that's still pumping. Brand unknown.

Replaced an old Edelbrock (AFB) carburetor with a Summit Carb 600 cfm carb in 2019. Had to adapt air cleaner assembly for everything to fit under the screen. Summit carb worked great right out of the box.

I believe my 351C is pushing 375-400 HP. Nothing wild, just healthy. Has a Crane HMV-278-2A cam, and the Edelbrock heads boosted the compression ratio up to around 10.5:1.

Weather permitting, I put 1,500-2,500 miles a year during our relatively short driving season going to various cruise-ins with my car buddies with some sporting driving from point A to point B at times.

I don’t know about the distributor, but you can use the TFI coil with the Duraspark.  Just don’t don’t run a ballast resistor with it, or prepare to remove the ballast resistor if you get a high rpm misfire.

George P on this site has a lot of Duraspark information if you search.  George has a wiring diagram most people follow.

I use the McRobb fuel pump for my engine.  My dyno results appear to be similar to yours.  We found that the inexpensive $50 fuel pumps would have a good pressure at idle but as soon as you got above the 2000 RPM, fuel pressure would fall off like a stone.  It’s more expensive, but it works. There’s a very minor interference with your oil filter with the larger pump body.


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I run a QuickFuel HR-series 600 CFM carb on my basically stock motor.  I have an Edelbrock performer manifold.  Once set up and dialed in, the carb performs perfectly.  I did have to change the pump cams to a higher output shot but beyond that and tuning it, perfect.  As for ignition, I run a Pertronix ignitor and coil in my original Ford distributor.  As for fuel pump, why not buy a rebuilt Ford unit.  that is what is on my motor.  No problems.  Keep it simple.  You can get most of this at Summit Racing and Rock Auto.  

While I was at it, I replaced the fuel filter with a new WIX unit and added a K&N 3" air filter.  I also put a 1" spacer between the manifold and carb.  Moved the feed lines up off the manifold.  I had already cut my cover screen so I didn't care.

p.s. if you are looking for a quality dual inlet fuel line, look at these guys.  I went through several different feed lines and they ALL leaked.   This unit is pre-built and does NOT leak if you torque it correctly.   Many of the other lines are junk.

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There's currently an OEM carb and intake as well as a Duraspark setup on ebay.

Clearly installing an old school cast iron manifold isn't the greatest idea, but would there be any drawback to buying and using these parts other than the cast iron manifold?  Looking at the photos, I didn't realize Panteras came with spread bore carbs.  Amazing what you learn once you become an owner.

I was under the impression that the reason everyone has other induction systems is because the Motorcraft 4300D carbs were problematic.  

They certainly were spreadbore carbs originally.

The Duraspark setup looks complete…. For convenience, that seems like a good buy.


NOTE:  The module is not a Ford one, likely an aftermarket unit (I run them without issue).  Can’t tell if the distributor is Ford.

The distributor gear looks like bronze, I understand that these can have a short life, but won’t damage your camshaft.

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@panterapatt posted:

As for fuel pump, why not buy a rebuilt Ford unit.  that is what is on my motor.  No problems.  Keep it simple.  You can get most of this at Summit Racing and Rock Auto.

Have a link for the fuel pump?  Rock Auto has no fuel pumps for a Pantera at all and Summit doesn't list anything for a Pantera but does carry the Carter M6882

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@panterapatt posted:

Rock Auto - look for a 1971 Mustang with the 351C:

Very few places cite a Pantera but they all cite the mustang:

Summit has 71 fuel pumps for the 351C

As for buying a used Ford carb, I would probably look elsewhere first.

Thanks for the links.  Very helpful.  I was also wondering if there was a link for the rebuilt Ford pump that @panterapatt mentioned.

@panterapatt posted:

I am Panterapatt and provided you the links.  I suggested a rebuilt but I guess they are all new.   For $13 at rock auto, it's hard to go wrong.

Ah, sorry, I didn't realize you were the one who posted the links.  The links are for Carter pumps.  I thought you were saying there were actual OEM FoMoCo rebuilt pumps available somewhere.

Was Carter the OEM pump manufacturer?  I know Carter 1bbl carbs were OEM on some six cylinder first generation Broncos.  Maybe the Pantera fuel pump was as well?

“For $13 at rock auto, it's hard to go wrong.”

…. But changing out a fuel pump because you lose fuel pressure at higher RPMs, and have an intermittent stumble that’s hard to troubleshoot might be something to think about, and possibly prevent….

I saw it with two of those inexpensive pumps on my dyno runs…


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