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Nearing the end of my interior installation.  This switch looks as if someone was using it to snake our their sink drain on my car.  The copper washed coil is bent at all sorts of bizarre angles.  

1. Can I replace this with a modern switch (i.e. off Amazon)?

2. Where does the coil itself get positioned …an how?

Thanks ahead of time.  


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Your thermostat is probably still good.  You can test it with a glass of ice water and an ohm meter.

The long and bent up probe inserts into the center of the finned coil through the side of the heater box.  Look for a rubber grommet with a hole in the center.  It turns out the probe is pressurized.  If you snapped it you would hear gas escape. Just gently straighten it out as best you can.

Yours is the older style with two wires in the back, when the probe in the evaporator reaches the set temp it turns on the compressor clutch and the condenser fan. The vendors have replacements for these, and I would suggest just replacing it and save some headaches.  Later models with three wires operate the compressor clutch and condenser fan separately, and are likely not available (I couldn’t find one). There is a service bulletin that specifies how far the probe should go into the evaporator fins.  

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