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Huge thanks to anyone and everyone who has given advise whilst we at Simon Furlonger restored Mangusta 8MA1044. Our first real restoration, we walked away with best in class, and the Churchill Cup. We even met Fabrizio Giugiaro, son of Giorgetto Giugiaro, the designer of the Goose. Before we knew it, Giorgetto was on FaceTime with us, cheering us on!

The restoration was finished 10.30am Tuesday morning, and was on the trailer at 10.45 on its way to the show. Fired up first turn of the key!

The car got insane amounts of attention, much more than we’d ever expected.

The hope is for the car to attend Villa d’este next year.

We couldn’t of done it without the support and information of all the members on here.


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  • 38992704-6185-4F7D-8DFB-934C9FEABD0D
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Chris, I have been thinking about your deadline just about every day, and your "shipped 15 minutes before showtime" was why I could then dare not even ask... for fear or interfering with either your progress or catching up on sleep.

  But wow, does she just look right...beautiful tone of red and that interior is just perfect....Thanks for being a part of this group...Lee

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