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Chris, yeah, on Mangusta I think almost no way to do it except remove it with the tube. The bend on the tube as it exits the rear bulkhead just won't allow the new cable to be pulled thru, I sectioned the metal sheath into 2 sections and I may have bent the rear tube after the cable was inserted.

  You may be well to measure the removed cable for length, I  ordered this from  Pegasus Racing. https://www.pegasusautoracing....ion.asp?Product=1270 but I remember fudging on the actual total length or the jacket length, I cannot remember (only remember that I had Not ordered it exact as removed).

But I think one of the first reviews I read of the Mangusta (back in the 1980s) was that the throttle cable felt like it was lubricated with gravel...a new cable on a 50 year old car is a nice gift--Lee


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  • Mangusta throttle cable replacement
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