Some of you may have see transaxle mounts where the rubber is pushed out on the back side of the mount. This is caused by the casting being to far back against the welded mounts on the car requiring all the shims to be forward. If you have to pry the engine back to align the motor mount bolts, this will cause the trans mount to crush and the motor mount pads to deflect and oval.  What may not be known is there are 2 types of cast mounts for the transaxle---short and long version. The short version will do more crushing of the rubber but on once and a while, even the long version will need to be modified maybe on one side. If that is the case, you may tig material on the front side of the opening and machine off the back and flush the front to the correct width to get the spacing needed for rubber clearance. Here are some pictures of the various parts, and mods in progression. 

The last shot is of the short and long mount modified and finished ready to re-install. You can clearly see the rubber mount sleeve position change.

Again if you have to pry the engine back to get the MM bolts in, it's wise to fix the problem and not force the hardware. Picture 2745Picture 2748Picture 2749Picture 2751Picture 2752


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 Kirk,  Thanks for the 101 on the mounts.  Was nice catching up the other day.  Can't wait to see your current project. 



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