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Before starting to attack this problem, I am sure someone has faced this problem.  My turn signal switch works fine for horn, turn signals, and high beam.  However, it will not stay engaged on either the down or up during signaling.  Does someone know what is broken internally and has fixed this?  

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IMG_1358IMG_1359IMG_2232It is possible to repair, but quite difficult.  There are small, delicate plastic parts inside that crack and fail, causing this problem.  Getting the switch apart is not easy - the body is cast zinc which also cracks easily.  I went to a lot of work to repair one, only to have it fail again.  Attached some pics so you can see what is inside.  Notice the crack in the little part near the pencil; that is the root cause.

Finally I bought a later model Lucas part off ebay.  It required a slight mod to the mount bracket, splicing wires into the stock Pantera connector, and making a new cancel cam.


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I fully concur with the above if parts are broken. Well mine was bad moving the "lever" and got stuck or not. I took the whole "switch  "assembly out and started to clean it with lack thinner then Silicon oil (NOT DWW ok! it dries out and sticks) .. Was a process of some 3 ..or may be 5 repetition steps and time (!) ..lack thinner silicon oli..loop

There was a lot debris and old sticky grease all clogged the thing is working fine.

hope this helps


Uh Oh, Sharkeys going to get me in trouble with SO Bill.  Sorry if I gave you the impression I was working out of the switch repair hobby.  Honestly, it does take a back seat to my real job and racing hobby.

I am keeping my commitment to SO Bill to be a resource for the Pantera community.  The cost for switch repair remains SO Bill's price of $125 and includes return shipping. No inflation here   :^)

Contact me for details or 713.553.5475.


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