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Prepare your avatar, maximum dimensions are 200 pixels x 200 pixels

Place your edited Avatar file somewhere on your computer where it shall be easy to find, such as on your desk top

Log-in from the Community Home Page

Click the "Personal Zone" link found in the top right field, below your "displayed name". This takes you to a new page.

From the new page click the "View/Edit Complete Profile" link found in the upper right of the screen. This takes you to another new page.

From this "edit profile page" scroll down to the "Avatar Picture" section and click the link that says "Edit"

A drop down shall appear, click the link that says "Custom Avatar"

The contents of the drop down shall change, select "Upload Custom Avatar"

The contents of the drop down shall change again, click "Browse"

A new "navigation" drop-down shall appear.

Navigate your computer via this new drop-down to the location of the Avatar file and double click on the file. The last drop-down shall close.

Click the "Update Avatar" button from the previous drop-down. The drop-down shall close altogether.

Click the "Submit" button found at the bottom of the "edit profile page".

You're done. Click the link at the top that reads "De Tomaso Internet Community" to return to the community home page.

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