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Added bits on 2/18 and 2/21. Thanks for looking!

OK, finally got around to a USED (mostly unless otherwise stated!) list of bits and pieces I collected from various.......

As always, first come first served.

$35         Alternator Adjusting Bracket for center mount Alt.

$25         Carello Tail lamp wiring rubber boot- nice used!

$75         RH Tail lens, NOS or good used….out of box.

$10        25mm defroster hose, NEW,   for mid production cars, 20” long enuf for one side, can’t find this in US..  (30mm used other side)

$25         Brake/Clutch Fluid Reservoir- original style with copper tubing stub on outlet, with cap.

SOLD   Veglia clock face (white letters) “Elettronico” and two pieces of clear plastic for making new lens.

SOLD   Box of wheel studs 2- NEW late fronts, 2- NEW late rear, two early rear-used- 4 NEW Dorman 610-312 front? Early???

$          Hatch/hood release handles (2)

$35        Door jamb guide chrome pieces (2) with one rubber, screws   Rechrome for best looks.

SOLD         New Ignition Switch- Repop from ????  I wouldn’t……

$75         Used Ignition Switch/Black Bezel and “FIAT” key- action feels good, be sure to mount upside down!

$3          8 Dash lamps  3W #1815

$35         Shock absorber adapters for QA1 “Chrome” shocks- Custom machined. 8 pieces to do two shocks.

$25         Shock absorber adapters for QA1 Proma Star shocks- Custom machined. 2 pieces to do one shock.

SOLD         Two used factory shock bushings, center displaced but would work for trans cross member still.

SOLD     Wire junction blocks, 1 each- small wire-medium-large    Multiple wire numbers accepted, like style used for  headlamp/horn/tail lamp junctions.

SOLD         Lucas “parts switches 1-31780 for parts, 1- 334870B (fan switch originally)

SOLD      Green Brake Fluid hose- reservoirs to copper tubes and cylinders- NEW

$20         Box of Cable- 2 sizes NEW- hatch style latches (smaller) and e-brake cable (larger). 3mm & 1mm

$200       TWO- Good LH door latch mechanisms and handle support posts.

SOLD        Lower engine block plate-cut off at engine block- allows about .100” more ZF input shaft engagement.

$10         Insulation pad- original engine compartment “flip up” section.

$75         Headers- new but need rework at flange to pipe areas- I think these may be first gen Hall Goose attempt…… tubes interfere with studs or bolt installation.  Do not look like originals…more conventional.

$50         Mid production brake balance valve- I believe Bonaldi- locked up.  Mounts to RH rear frame rail about engine area.

SOLD       23MM brake master cylinder “guts”. Seal holders and springs- Likely from late car or early Pantera.

$120       PAIR- 1” Small Block Ford valve cover extensions, for clearing roller rockers if needed.  NEW

2/18 added

ZF parts- Input shaft/throw out bearing holder retaining bolts,   Input Shaft seal for pilot bearing  -1 only piece,   Selector shaft seal (shifter).

Windshield Washer bottle and pump assy by Lucas.   Scarfy from living in exhaust rich environment!  Pump motor actually still works!

Smog Pump from mid 900’s car.  Entire assy, pump, pulley, regulator valve and holding bracket, air hose to connect prior two items together, and special Goose mounting and adjusting bracket and bolts.   These parts other than Goose bracket are same as GT350 manual trans car and this affects pricing.

$60  Radiator metal tubes (two curved front pieces)- reproductions.  New.

$25   PAIR of used rear flip up hatch latches.  These pop rivet to the engine compartment sidewalls and hold the flip up portion by the window in place. Clips are intact.

$15  Reproduction "spark plug wire holder".  This is a piece that keeps your wires from rubbing on the jackshaft.  I found that this didn't work on at least Edelbrock intakes as they have no extra holes by the T-stat housing area.   I put a piece of heat shrink on it, but never shrunk it in place since I couldn't use it. But this will fit the stock Ford intakes just fine.

Parts of Unusual Status…..

Box of used parts….. half shaft bolts, ball joint bolts, hose clamps, ny-lock nuts from various parts, ZF nuts, used U-Joint clips

LH (2) and RH tail lamp lens- were NOS until the earthquake dumped them off of my shelf…….good for display, lower rear corners chipped, most have the pieces in the packaging still.

Box of misc window guide/channel felts- materials and doorframe outer rubber pieces. I’d call these samples…..

Ford Taurus/Sable various water hoses- I used 90 degree pieces (3/8”???)  to connect to heater core on the RH side of dash where AC unit smashed up against heater core outlet……these are used and of various sizes and shapes!

Two front used ball joints- multi layer type.

One AC condenser fan blade- one blade busted off- rebalanced unprofessionally with nut and bolt…….

SOLD 3- Used CLUTCH Master Cylinder kit (SP1995)- has good Dust Cover seals (over pushrod)

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I’ll take the two items below, and two of the wire junction blocks.  Please PM me with the price and payment instructions.  Shipping (slow boat/lowest cost) to 85748.

Thanks -

Rocky /Chuck

$20         Veglia clock face (white letters) “Elettronico” and two pieces of clear plastic for making new lens.

$45         Box of wheel studs 2- NEW late fronts, 2- NEW late rear, two early rear-used- 4 NEW Dorman 610-312 front? Early???

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Here are two shots of the junction blocks that I have.  Good thing I checked better, as it would appear that the middle one is well used.....not suitable for looks like I pulled it out of my car.    The dimensions are width of the block in the first pic, ignore the dimensions in second pic.     Let me know what you think.




Images (2)
  • wiringblock1
  • wiringblock2

I’ll take the white one & the “right” one!.

Maybe someone wants to refurb the middle one and use it in a car.  Thanks!

Travelling now, but I’ll look for your PM on payment.

Thanks for checking.

After talking with Steve - the studs are much more useful to a Mangusta owner...  I’m going to pass on those....

Thanks -


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