I'm looking for a set of driver and passenger side kick plates for my 72 Pre-L.

I know they are available at Wilkinson, but looking to save a little $$$ for a good pair of used ones. 



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Patrick, if you don't find and and you're reasonably handy, those little  panels are absurdly easy to make from scrap aluminum sheet in your garage, if you have a pair of damaged ones for patterns. The plastic they're made from  stock is not very strong. I made mine of titanium sheet (by accident- I bought the metal from a salvage yard thinking it was aluminum) and there's only one bend at the bottom. The sheet can be trimmed with heavy scissors. I don't even bolt them down- the carpet holds them in place. Painting them with textured paint from a rattle can makes a part very hard to tell from stock.

Thank you for that. I’m hands and can make them. If need be, I was going to use sheet metal. Although, aluminum hadn’t crossed my mind, but a great idea. The car I have doesn’t have them, so I’ll just cutout a cardboard pattern and trace it on the aluminum.  Greatly appreciate the tip. 

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