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Hey guys!
I installed a Windsor Stroker in my 1974 Pantera,used all the information I could from the forum,but a problem I can't seem to solve is the accessary brackets for my A/C and alternator.I am using the GM single wire alternator and the Sanden 508-134a a/c compressor.I used the Dart block for my rebuild and was told by dart that the mounting taps were the same as a oem block.I bought a bracket that was designed to mount both a/c & alternator in original positions ( lower passenger side )Has anyone else used the dart block and have had this problem?Really appreciate
any advice,so close to firing !!!!!
Best Regards;
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Let me begin by stating that I have no experience with installing a Windsor in a Pantera. I do have much experience with both the Windsor in a 67 Mustang and a Cleveland in a pantera. The pantera's accessory brackets are unique to the pantera and only fit the Cleveland. I have installed a sanden compressor with a special install bracket sold by the vendors. I would imagine that with some fabrication the Cleveland brackets can be adapted to the Windsor.
Charlie, try contacting a Pantera-savvy shop for this question- preferably one that does engine swaps or complete rebuilds. Wilkinson may have some info. Dart blocks have successfully been installed in Panteras before but I suspect there's going to be considerable drilling and/or other bracket mods to make your parts play nice with each other.
Internet forums including ours are historically slower on the weekends. There are a bunch of forum members who have Windsor motors in their Panteras ... hopefully some of them will reply after the weekend is over.

I would remind you also that about 75 of the factory original GT5-S Panteras (beginning about chassis 9483) were equipped with 351 Windsors.
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Here's a pic of our stroked 351W. Not sure which brand block but has no fuel pump hole so aftermarket. We were doing a Vintage Air AC kit but had to switch out to a Sanden 508 to make it all work. We were also installing a Painless harness throughout so ended up with a GM-based 2-wire alternator with internal regulator, I have the car it's from somewhere if needed but probably would not work with your stock wiring anyway. We got the brackets from Precision Proformance. I spent a lot of time researching all this before finding this solution. Hope this helps some.

Lee in NC


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