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I don't have a definite answer for you but,
125*F for machinery is cool. You are way below what your oil is capable of taking. Your OK, If you were running on the high side of 200*F I would be concerned.
By the way, I've worked in heavy industry for near 30yrs on all kinds of gear box's and this would be considered good.

125F would sound on the cool side to me. I have not checked the ZF but my Porsche G50 transaxle is hooked up to a Temp gauge and it runs at 180F general use, I would expect similar from the ZF.

The IR guns are quite susceptible to the reflectance of the surface you are measuring. If you can compare it to a known Temp on a smiliar surface.
THANK YOU!! To all of you for your input.I measured after shutting down about 5 min so Ill run her again and check it out and, reference the sensor to a known source.Once Again I am impressed with all the experience and knowledge you can get from this site.With out it a pantera owner would shurely be in the dark.Great to be a small part of this elite group!!!!!
You don't need a digital, or even a hole in the dash. I got curious about ZF temps a few years ago, so since I already had an oil temp gauge replacing the ashtray on the console, I picked up a second sender and a rotary selector switch that in where the cigarettte lighter mounted. The sender mounts in the case close to the ring gear for max temperature sensing. On a 450-mile trip to 'Vegas, it took several hours of highway driving (speeds between 75 and 100 mph) for the ZF to come up to 170 degrees, peaking at around 175F just as we arrived. Interestingly, it took several more hours in covered parking for the temp to drop back down to ambient! I'd say don't worry unless you're running well above 140mph for an hour or so- as in an ORR event.
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