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Hello, Any special or unique tools are needed to open up a Pantera ZF
transaxle. I'm considering buying a Pantera that appears to need a 2nd gear
synchro ring. I've rebuilt Ford T-10 and Muncie 4-speeds, but never have
tackled something like the ZF. I just want to get at the synchros and
inspect the rest of the parts for wear if I buy this car. Please advise.


Ron Lee
Dayton OH
Original Post
[QUOTE]Originally posted by Lloyd Butfoy:
[B]First you should pick up a manual from one of the vendors and look it over.In the manual
it has all the tools,but they are no longer available,you will get a good idea of what you will need to improvise for tools, like
a block of wood with two holes to use as a jig in a vise to hold the tranny,I used one to take to europe to do a service,it's alot lighter then steel.You can contact me at if you run into a problem. Good Luck
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