Not sure if this is helpful but sometimes any little trace can be that one you need to move forward.

I stumbled across a gentleman on Facebook. He was located in the states and had an impressive inventory of Campy's in various conditions from original to restored. Some in need of restoration. I remember spending a lot of time looking at his inventory and thinking about how he had carved out a nice little niche market. I could see from the 'sold' listings that he had moved an impressive number of wheels. Sadly, I can't seem to find him today.  I strongly encourage you to post in the DeTomaso groups on Facebook. I know some don't prefer that platform (and I concur with those feelings) but when you want to take a drink you must go where the water is. If you like, I can make the posting on your behalf and then relay the responses to you via email.


Good luck


I have a set of 10" and 8" that are powder coated and ready to go. But, to be honest I have too much tied up in them. I would only be interested in selling the set. Sitting in shipping boxes since powder coat. 

The rims are in Louisiana and I'm working in Morocco. FYI

I have plenty of photo's. 

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