1972 Pre-L for sale, #2518

Hi Mikael,
congrats on finally selling your Pantera. I can't help with transport solutions, but it seems like you have it sussed out. Looking forward to seeing it at some Swedish meetings, but it is a long way north. Hope to also see you around from time to time.
Cheers, Tim.
Quiz: What's missing in this picture?

It felt a lot better seeing the bank statement go from "-" to, well, less "-", than it did seeing the Pantera drive of in the distance. If you want to cash in on the ridiculous high prices these days, which was a little part of the reason I sold it, make sure you don't regret it.

I'll never be able to build or buy a more "raw" car. I have other nice refined cars, but the rawness of 600HP in a light chassis, indescribable. WOT in 2nd gear was like warp speed, the things beside you became a blur, and you really have to concentrate to remember to shift to 3rd in time...

Better go out to dinner with the missus, we'll drive in her VW Polo...


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