I have finally decided to sell my Euro project. This was a complete running and driving car prior to dis-assembly. It was neglected, but not abused. I will describe everything to the best of my ability.

The body was very rusty. The car was stripped to a bare shell and mounted on a rotisserie. It has been media blasted and is ready for rust repair. It will need work in the rockers, floors, upper rear wheel houses and taillight panel. The front cross member and front wheel houses are sound. It does have the desireable external fuel filler.

The glass and stainless are in good shape save for the passenger side drip rail molding. It will need to be replaced.

It has the original 10" rear campys and 8" front. One of the front campys has a dent in the lip. The tires (Toyos) look brand new.

The interior is mostly complete. It has the single pod dash and Euro guages (in Italian). The door panels, seats, etc. will need to be recovered. The door panels have the usual speaker holes, but otherwise nothing has been butchered.

The engine is a 351 Cleveland, but I can't say if it is original. It is a 2-bolt main with 4V heads, an Edelbrock aluminum intake and holley 4V. It is very clean inside and looks to have been recently rebuilt. It did run before being pulled. It has what appears to be the Hall big bore exhaust. The engine block and heads have been painted (Ford black) and the intake has been blasted.

I don't know much about the condition of the ZF except that the previous owner indicated that it was in good condition.

The brake calipers have been blasted, rebuilt and painted (red). The springs have also been blasted and repainted (black). the control arms have all been blasted and repainted (cast iron). They will need new bushings and ball joints.

This would make a good race car or restoration project. I have bought another project Pantera and have decided to concentrate on it. I have $17K in the car including the media blasting and that is what I want out of it. I am throwing in the dis-assembly for free.

The body is at Rustbusters of Atlanta (www.rustbustersofatlanta.com). I have a quote to do the rust repair for $4K not including parts. The only new metal I was going to use was the B-posts as everything else could be done with patching. These guys specialize in complex rust repair and know what they are doing if you are interested in using them.

I would be happy to answer any questions here for everyone to see. Alternatively I can be reached at 404-539-7478. If the car doesn't sell, I will part it out.

I will post some pics shortly. Thanks for looking.
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