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Because I'm going to drop a big deposit to an Asian guy in a wife beater tee telling me what a wonderful opportunity and name dropping whilst driving along in his Raptor.

"The first 25 cars are going to be 'lunch edition' with no big wings and skirts, then the production model will be a bit wider a bit longer and bit taller". So I guess that's the SUV or 'after a big lunch' version

"It's a carbon fiber body, not a full chassis" so basically a space frame kit with carbon panels "brought in under HR22 to circumvent any safety requirements" Yes that sounds exactly like a $300K kit car.... maybe they even have Long & Newman molds!
I wonder why everyone is bashing the new DeTomaso before they have even seen the car? I agree that the son doing YouTube videos on his dad's new venture in a t-shirt sitting in a lawn chair is not befitting of a car company preparing to enter the marketplace for high end sports cars. But why bash the entire venture because of the son's casual YouTube ad? Calling it a scam? I don't get it.

For my part, I admire the entrepreneur spirit for someone to step up and take on such a challenge. That takes some guts. As for comments that Mr. Kim has failed several times in other ventures, tacitly implying that he is a loser, I disagree. I admire him even more for picking himself back up, dusting himself off, and trying again. Anyone ever heard of the story of Manny, Moe, and Jack of Pep Boys fame?
Just seeking some clarification here; Are you guys saying that this whole thing is a scam meaning that Mr. Kim isn't even building a new DeTomaso and that he is just taking deposits to cheat people and then disappear into the sunset? I have not vetted Mr. Kim because I am not in the market for a 350k car, but it appears some of you have, in which case you would be more in the know than me. And it seems most of you think he is con artist and think this whole thing is a cheap, pathetic, ill conceived thinly veiled scam. Is that what you guys are saying?
Others may be harsher in their judgment than I.

My comment is that this viral marketing program for a $330K supercar leaves a little bit to be desired.

It's not the kind of thing that will make either investors, or potential customers sit up and take notice.

At least the last DeTomaso development & marketing effort produced a book on the marque and development plans that sold (IIRC) for over $500 on eBay.

This marketing program isn't inspiring a lot of confidence in the ability of the manufacturer to pull it off successfully.... But time will tell.


PS> Even if they had iPhones back in the day, I believe Alessandro would have executed a more flashy campaign... Like actually arriving to an event driving one of his cars....
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Mr. Kim's business card, as handed out at the Fun Rally.

Note the email address domain is .co

That is not a misprinted .com

.co is the country domain name for Columbia. It is now being marketed as (taken from"Official website for the .co domain") -

"Short, memorable and credible -- .CO is the hot new ending for web addresses being used all over the world."

For those wanting to reach out to Mr. KIm with their own questions or concerns, here is his email address, telephone and mobile.

Address for their Hong Kong office is also noted.



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This is what appears when you go to the new website -

Zero, zip, nada, nothing.

Also note that the website name is available through a GoDaddy auction for $5800. Yes, the new De Tomaso company's website, a key aspect of any worldwide business, and listed on Tom Kim's business card, is available for purchase.


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If Mr. Kim is indeed a scam artist, why did he pay 1.1 million dollars for the DeTomaso name? It is official and on record and provable that Mr. Kim did buy the DeTomaso name for over a million dollars, right? Although a million dollars is not a lot of money in today's world (heck, my GT5-S is probably worth around a quarter of a million), its still enough money invested by Mr. Kim where it seems to be a stupidly chosen method to scam people.

Another possibility besides it being a scam is that Mr. Kim is simply incompetent and bereft of the business acumen needed to see a venture through to its fruition. With Larry pointing out all of Mr. Kim's past failed business ventures, maybe Mr. Kim isn't so much a scam artist but rather a spoiled guy who grew up in Beverly Hills with a little bit of family money to throw around who has never had any personal accomplishments and simply does not have the fortitude or talent to put a new DeTomaso on the market.

Scam or simply an incompetent buffoon? Either way, I won't be plopping down any deposits for this new DeTomaso. My original viewpoint has changed, and now I'm with the majority here. This Mr. Kim does not seem legit.
Based on my extensive research I have no reason to believe Tom Kim was the party behind the purchase of the De Tomaso name for $1.1 million. The purchasing company is Ideal Team Ventures Limited and nowhere in my research does Mr. Kim's name appear to be directly associated with that company. The apparent principal in that company is a Mr. Michael Choi and there appear to be numerous business connections between Mr. Choi and Tom Kim.

My belief is Mr. Kim is acting on the behalf of Mr. Choi, the principal in Ideal Team Ventures Limited.

Here are two sources of information I have found:
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Keen readers will notice I have edited or deleted many of my previous posts. I want to explain why I have done this.

I just got off the phone with Steve Wilkinson. During our conversation, which was initiated for other matters, I asked him what his views were on the new Pantera that we have been discussing in this thread.

Steve, not unexpectedly, has been in constant contact with Mr. Kim and Mr. Choi. Steve provided specifics on the new Pantera's progress, and some of the components being used, and tells me they do expect to have a finished car in California by the end of the year. Current plans call for a private unveiling to occur with many club members to be invited.

Steve told me he has seen multiple photographs of the car currently being assembled in South Africa. He knows I am one of the doubting Thomases on this proving to be a successful venture, and perhaps may have shared specifics that he does not really want out in public yet, so I will say no more than he told me it will be equipped with a very modern Ford engine and a transaxle recently found in a Ford Motors vehicle. Wink

Steve also told me meetings have occurred with California departments regarding smog certification for the intended engine.

So, despite the lawn chair YouTube videos, the show room location, and previous business activities of Mr. Kim, the reality is that something actually does appear to be forthcoming.

As in all new business ventures, and especially those De Tomaso-themed, success remains to be seen.

I am now cautiously optimistic but still reasonably doubtful,

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That doesn't change the fact that nobody is going to pay 350K for a 40 year old design, even if they put a modern drive train and interior in it. There are many supercars available at that price point with major corporations standing behind them. The only customers will be folks that don't mind wasting their money on a car that will never hold its value. Still sounds like a kit car to me. As always, just my opinion!
Hi Larry, thanks for updating us on your conversation with Steve Wilkinson regarding the fact that Mr. Kim really is producing a new DeTomaso. Even though it appears you originally guessed wrong on Mr. Kim, based on your research you had good cause to be suspicious. I appreciate your contributions, especially with filling us in regarding your recent conversation with Steve Wilkinson.

As for why people would pay for a new car with a 30 yr old design, in my mind that's not a big concern. All sorts of cars out today, including the new Ford Mustang, Dodge Challenger, and so many others are a remake of cars from yesteryear, and they are very popular.

As for calling it nothing more than a kit car, I see it more for it sounds to be; a low production modernized GT5-S with updated cabin, modernized engine and mechanicals. Sounds pretty exciting to me.

Now that I have read from a credible source that this is no scam, that there is a new DeTomaso about to be unveiled, I say Bravo!


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