it's closer to completion. a few more pics.


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Wow. Nice job Alex.
Where did you find the sway bar system? Never seen anything like that before
Love the flares! And that's a pretty trick sway bar setup; would love to see more pics and info about it.
Garth, if u go to our website u can see more pics of the sway bar set up. This setup uses a splined sway bar so you can adjust the rate of the sway bar, and uses adjustable end links so you have the ability to adjust your preload on the sway bars. They utilize all the factory mounting locations ( on the car) . We have the sway bar set up , control arms, radiators, cooling kits , rear spoiler , brake kits, hood vent kits (with bitter inserts)and more stuff coming up soon . I want to also thank every body for all the positive comments , there has been alot off work involved with this project.
Thanks Paul chandler

You have done some amazing work. Did you fab the 180's on Alex's car also?


P.S. I just was on your site. Are you going list the items you are going to build and sell with prices in the future?
Devin, Alex purchased the headers from another source but we had to redo 6 of the 8 tubes and the tailpipes, so I guess we built them? We will have pics and pricing of our products on the website in a few weeks.
Originally posted by Garvino:
I just noticed the CV joints instead of half shafts. I like it.

Got those too, and really much like them. Lighter, cleaner, and less "sticky" than U-joints.
Stay tuned, installing rear deck lid today and Finishing interior this week end. Will have pics of the car all put together ( finely ! ) later this weekend.

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