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Thought I would get my build thread going while I wait for the car to turn up.

I bought the car from BHCC and they say the car has been in storage for a long time. I'm planning a full rebuild and RHD conversion, will respray the car the original white colour.

If anyone has seen this car or knows more about it I would love to hear about it.



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Originally posted by AlbanyGT40:
Cheers, will post up the whole process. Trying to decide about going back to standard flares or Group 5 Flares? Im liking standard but a lot of the body has been cut away....

Also motor is seized, looks like condensation has got into the engine via the intake. But engine number matches body so happy in that regard.

Another Pantera owner quite near to me has changed his car from left to right hand drive.

He had the dash made by an EX TVR man from the Blackpool factory and the quality is A1, he does of course have the mould, if you would like contact details let me know.
Peter with 3840 in Manchester England.

Original cars are the type I prefer, but its your motor car.

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