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I have a rotary air conditioning compressor installed in my Pantera. I'd like to relocate the charging valves to the back of the car near the receiver drier and condenser to make it simpler to service the system.

I haven't been able to find the valves that I need.

If any of you know of a source for the valves I'd appreciate that information.


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I also wanted to re-locate the charging ports to make that task easier.

I added T-fittings to both lines coming off the compressor and connected them two fittings installed in the firewall.


For the firewall fittings, I used the T-fittings that are now usually screwed into the back of modern compressors. You will see I capped off the outlets that usually fed in to the refrigerant hoses.

all I have to do is pull the upholstered cover and there they are.



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