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Pantera Relays 1971 main

In the above photo, a black ground wire seems to be shared by both the headlight relay and the turn signal flasher.  Both of these suddenly stopped working.  I have found that if I create a new ground with a jumper wire then everything works.  Thus, it looks like the shared black ground wire within the harness has failed.

A possible fix is to add a ground in the relay panel area and splice it into the existing ground wire.

Another more difficult fix is to somehow trace the existing ground wire within the harness and find where it is failing.  This is easier said than done.

Any guidance you can provide is appreciated.


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The ground wire (black) go "all" to a central point (bold on) under the dashboard. The point is very much up close to the windsheeld glas. Hard to get to when dash is in place.

Take your first option, the relais panel has think 4 screws going to main chassis.

If your panel has connectors you might check them for the missing ground due to corrosion.

If this is the ground post of interest, it's accessible from crawling under the dash on driver side. Photo taken before I cleaned up the post and anything attached to it. If there's another ground post, I'd definitely like to know where it is to clean it up before I have a grounding problem.

Anybody know what that canister that's grounded to the bolt does? Maybe key in ignition warning or other buzzer?

Ground Post 1

Ground Post


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@matg posted:

as typical for Pantera there are probably different driver side panels. In my case the 2 buzzer are part of it. So assume in your case one of the buzzer is missing on the panel.

No driver side panel on my '72 Pantera 3336.  Like the first photo in this post, only this panel on passenger side that is tucked horizontally under the dash right behind the HVAC blower. Appears to be one buzzer mounted on this panel, and the other buzzer mounted under the dash on the grounding stud near the speedometer as shown in my post above.

Relay Panel


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This is the passenger seat belt warning buzzer. On my ´72 Pantera it is installed in the same place. The key in ignition warning buzzer is on the relay panel on the passenger side.

BTW - the electrical diagram for the late pre-L on Panteraplace calls the buzzer "seat belt warning buzzer relay" and the seat belt warning lamp "seat belt warning buzzer".

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