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ok, another found in the range of probably 8ma800 range (switches down, separated window switches, one piece seats)...even if the comments by the poster call it a late model because of the rectangular headlights...At least, it looks like the custom headlights were because someone liked that look, not because the bumped the front...

Yeah, M!ke, there were 4 different dashes, so this car falls between ~8ma810 and 8ma960

   -first the "2-in-1" light switches (both switches under the same bezel), using the 4-wire window motors. These changed to 2 switches side by side at about 8ma810.

- switches went from "down" to "up" between 8ma950 and 962.

- of course, AC in dash at 8ma1100.

So the 3 wire window motors and dual switches for ~250 of the Mangustas. Other dating cues;

  Door panels went from 1 piece to 2 pieces about 8ma700.

Seats went from 1 piece to 2 piece with 8ma798..(or actually, according to Provamo, that car actually had both (unless the ID of the car got confused on Provamo...)...Lee

it might be of value to create a list of production changes for posterity...

I knew about the other dash changes, but never knew if there was an actual change point from separate window switches to pairs...  or if it was a random thing like the solid wood steering wheels...  or the side A/C vents like 898 has...

I guess we'd need a list of anomalies also...


I don’t think there is a specific cutoff.  Cars were not necessarily built in sequence. Dashes evolved. Seats changed thru the production. Some very early cars had 2 piece seats, as you know the same seats showed up on Panteras.  For sure early cars had the lower switches and mid- production got the lower dash A/C vents.  2 headlamps came around the 1060 mark. (From memory) there may have been a couple random as prototype earlier). Rear body gussets were late production improvements.  There are a few unique elements on very early cars and late production cars.

Just wanted to 2nd Denisc's point about variation in seats.  1-piece and 2-piece seem to be peppered into production at random intervals. No rhyme or reason, simply what was available at the time.

As for the 2 headlamp cars, I was surprised to hear from PIM that in recent decades they had converted some Geese from 4 lamp to 2. That is a tragedy in my opinion. 4 headlamp was the true design. My understanding is the pop-ups were only to meet road safety requirements.

"There are a few unique elements on very early cars"

I am still hoping to one day see a Goose from the first 10 (or was it 11?) which have the different rear grill. Vertical slots instead of metal mesh.

Also the late cars have what I think is the better parking brake handle. Floor mounted instead of pulling out from the dash.

I still think that Spider is my favorite car in the world... On deviation, I've gotten all this purely from looking at Provamo. As Dennis points out, we're pretty clear that car chassis were not linear, at least there were exceptions...And some variations were post-production--well, at least 8ma789 shows originally 2 pieces door pads, then one piece door panels with 2 piece seats,  then back to 2 piece door panels with one piece seats , then brand new leather...

  Denis, I remember you counted the number of 2 headlight cars (at 20-something), the first I see is 8ma936. Scifi, the only conversions I've heard about are back to 4 headlight...the mod to add the movable headlights is something anybody doing bodywork would rather avoid . So I have the rare 2 headlight option on my car, not the outdated 4 headlight...yeah, umm... Lee

M!ke, it just keeps getting weirder what a beautiful tapestry...The backup light is even more farfetched than the brake light---at least, the brake light had a place on Lotus using the same umbrella handle. But at least the switch placement for the reverse light on Pantera was on the ZF box--and the first Mangusta had no box, it (and as I hear, on GT40s) was open.

Also, see the rear of 8ma508.


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  • 8ma508 no shift box
  • 8ma520 no zf shift box
  • 8ma508 rear

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