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Chris, Denis had a post on the battery detail...But yes, looks like a Marelli Magneti battery.   See the April 25th post from , I think the boots on 8ma1074 are original. I cheated and used the clamp from a Dodge Dart...

Piping from the fuel pump to the carb is in the Vintage Engine photos thread,  April 10 and April 15, 2013. 2 sections of copper pipe were used, the first wraps around the fuel pump and goes up, joining thru a rubber hose across the manifold. A lot of people look at this and think vapor lock...but that's the way it was..! Pictures are from 8ma1046, 8ma1074, and 8ma1076 and almost agree, 8ma1046 seems to have swapped that curl-of-copper with rubber hose. Note also on this picture, there really was a Ford j-code sticker on the valve cover..!

At least the right solenoid for your car would have been a Lucas 4ST. Visually stripping away the added fuel pump from 8ma1074, I think the view of the wiring and clamps there are probably exactly right on....


Images (2)
  • 8ma1074 starter routing
  • 8ma1074 engine solenoid
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Yes, that is the right style wheel wrench--luckily, not hard to find these days, a bunch popped up a couple years ago. Other contents of the tool kit;

  USAG 252 Vanadium Extra 22/19, 17/14, 17/13, 10/8. The 17/13 and 10/8 are especially hard to find.   

   USAG 21mm spark plug wrench, most on Mangusta have fixed handle (parts book shows the movable handle as shipped with Ferrari Dino, as in picture above).

   Red-handled pliers; probably ~165mm Belzer, remotely Gedore, with semi-translucent 'flared' handles. Very Hard to find the right one.

   small screwdriver kit; the bag is impossible to find (!) Not sure the modular screwdriver was shipped for every year, its just possible that later cars came with 2 fixed screwdrivers. Would love to see a later kit.

    Brush; ask Denis


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Chris, I don't know if we've seen all the variations on tool kits, especially for the last cars. Since the tool kits may have been like engines (bought mostly all at once and then used in no particular order). So its OK to get close, just having the bag is a big thing,

-We know there were at least 2 or 3 variations of the bag (white or black inside, and even the position of the brush varied).

- 2 version of the USAG spark plug wrenches (one with fixed handle, the other sliding).

-   a red-handled screwdriver with handle ~100mm, total ~210mm long works.

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