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Originally posted by RRS1:
Seems to be a pretty active dealer in Pantera's Does anybody have any experience.
Yes I have. Unless you can physically & visually inspect the vehicle, I would NOT rely on their description of ANY vehicle in their inventory. Also Beverly Hills Car Club is NOT in B.H., but rather in a less than desirable neighborhood in East Los Angles.

Beverly Hills Car Club is the personification of the Latin adage "Caveat Emptor" ( Buyer Beware)...Mark
I bought recently a Mercedes from them and had just seen the pictures before. They provide you with some kind of low light pictures which makes the car better looking than it is. I strongly recommend to go and have a look yourself. Most of their cars are parked in a hangar in which there is little light. Better come with your own lamp.
I once inquired about a Pantera race car that they had for sale and it appears they now they have my e-mail address. They just sent through an end of year sale notification including the below 1972 Pantera reduced to $15,800. Still a heck of a project to take on, but looks like it is wearing 10" Campi's on the back that offset some of the initial investment at least, no ZF though.

A thorough inspection would be recommened even at these prices. I always wonder how and where they find all this crap? Do they travel around like "American Pickers" looking for barn (or more field in their case) finds?



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