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I've read about bypassing the brake proportioning valve to improve front brake pressure. From reading past posts, it sounds like you can gut out the valve and leave the casing in place so that you don't have to deal with the lines. Is this easily done or is it better to purchase a replacement ?

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In a nutshell: I unscrewed the large nut on the end of the body, removed the rubber O ring closest to the large nut, removed the steel spacer, then added a flat steel washer behind the large nut. This basically allows unrestricted passsage of fluid from the inlet to the front wheels. I noticed a fairly substancial stopping power. I think it was worth while.
I stripped the internals and did the braze the end over modification to mine.

If you are not confident in doing this yourself Larry Stock (PPC Reno) sells OEM proportioning valves modified in this way so you can retain all stock lines and flares.

I just replaced mine wiht a T fitting. The difference was substantial. Before, it would lock up the rears and spin like mad. Now I can lock up the fronts or all 4 wheels in a panic stop. Only other brake system mod is the ford master. Also, I have a good pedal now under hard stops. Before the T, I had a mushy pedal that would go to the floor and not slow down the car much.
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