What's the correct procedure for changing out the ZF oil? Thanks!
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First start with you car on a level surface,you will need a 17mm allen wrench to remove the plug under the pan,let it drain,inspect the magnet in the plug for any large objects,clean and re-install plug,use the same 17mm remove fill plug on the left side of the main case,some of the early ZF's
have a 90 deg.pipe fitting you just remove the cap to fill,use 3,5 liters or just less
then a (1)gallon of trans fluid.Pour in slow or it will act as it's full and flow out.
Recently I had the opportunity to change the oil on my ZF (thnaks to Lloyd's info). I haven't changed the oil since I purchased the car so I don't know how long it's gone without an oil change.

That said, the oil drain plug had a lot of thick grease around it with what seemed to me, like a lot of metal shavings in it. No big chunks, just a ton of small shavings.

Is this normal?

And since my ZF shifts smoothly with no grinding in any gear, is it safe to say that my ZF should last another 30 years with no problems?

Thanks for the info!
Bob Eaton
That is a good sign, but you don't if the ring gear bolts are wired,if you remove the bottom cover and they are wired I would keep driving.If not it's good insurance and will save you money in the long run.
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