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I just spent more time than I ever wanted under my dashboard of my 72 pre-L removing the clutch master cylinder.  I finally removed it with the help of two different people who eventually quit after the lower bolt. I managed the upper bolt single-handed.  I tore the dust boot in the process.  BTW I have the long cylinder, not the shorter one for the force reduction rig.  

The thought of replacing it was daunting so in a stroke of genius I decided to "convert" my bolts to studs by fixing them in place with JBWeld.  I cleaned the interior firewall mounting area using a brass brush and cleaned it with solvent.  Ditto the bolt heads.  I applied the prepared JBWeld to both the firewall and bolt head.  I held the front trunk shaft part of the bolt with vice grips and ran a nut down to the firewall to press the bolt head in place.  After 24 hours cure time I tested it and that JBWeld really fastened the bolt in place.  Yesterday I installed the rebuilt cylinder and tightened.  One person job and solid. Before doing this I did a test with a piece of drilled aluminum plate and a bolt/nut to be sure it was strong enough.  That stuff really holds.  Now it's on to linkage connect and bleed the system.  Roads time.almost here.


I swear DeTomaso built the whole car around that upper bolt.

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184775D4-68D2-4E17-80B6-6AFE813146A889FF16D7-FB23-4AF7-BCAE-A9975FEA6EDDWell done‼️ 

I have little experience with JB Weld but I know many like you that have put it to the test and have always been pleased.

I also wanted an easier system so I fabricated the bracket shown in the photos.

my approach takes a little attention but is easy to do alone, but I think your approach is more solid and likely easier than what I did.




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