have been slowly working my way through the fact my car died an electrical death suddenly wo warning  no smoking gun

i have power into and out of my ammeter no power to fuse panel (panytera electronic) upgrade or to ignition

ignition appears to be after market

the black ammeter wire disappears into the bundle behind the conslo

any ideas?

is there a fuse on the ammeter wire? 


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I suspect that you may have a problem with the ammeter.

Connect your voltmeter to one of the ammeter terminals and note the voltage reading.  With the voltmeter still connected to the ammeter, turn on the headlights.  What is the voltage reading?  Move the ammeter probe to the other ammeter terminal and repeat the test.  

If only one test reveals an extremely low (or zero) voltage reading, then the ammeter has a problem.  Remove the ammeter and connect the two large wires together, and see if you now have power to the rest of the car's wiring.

If both tests reveal an extremely low (or zero) voltage reading, then the problem lies between the ammeter and the battery.  




jb1490 posted:
slojoe posted:

thanks john that is fantastic

 not looking forward to pulling dash

Don't pull the dash (yet).  Do the tests that I suggested in my earlier post, using the headlights as a load.  


Ditto. A great deal of troubleshooting can be done without removing the dash which may result in additional problems by disturbing the existing wiring. I suspect the terminal block in the steering column which can be accessed by dropping the steering column (which also isn't that difficult. Uncomfortable, yes, but not difficult. This is a case where being a little guy comes in handy.)

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