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Hey Folks:

Is deleting/removing the fuel vapor canister a good or bad idea? (1971 model yr) What are the pro's and con's?

Currently I have removed the vapor canister, to install a billet dual water tank mount, due to install a 180... one thing, leads to another...

If it is ok to leave off??? should I just cut and or remove the line coming from the gas tank and plug it?

Or do I need to keep some sort of vapor release system? If so what??? and where would it be best be positioned?

So in summary.
1. Is it ok to delete? or not.
2. If yes, ok to delete, what is best way to plug line or tank?
3. If no, what should I do, either with existing canister or new parts? both in terms of what new parts? and where should they be positioned?


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Originally posted by Panterapatt:
I removed mine and put it on a T connection between my PCV connection to the carb.

Why would you do that? Something about putting that vent line to a vacuum source just seems really wrong to me. What if for some reason you had a backfire? Or the PCValve doesn't seal perfectly, during said backfire or engine shutdown you just dumped fuel vapor into your valve covers. Vent yes Vacuum no. Am I missing something here? I just picture a lot of potential hazards.
Am I missing something here?

I suspect that he connected it to the crankcase vent hose that goes to the air cleaner. Otherwise, the engine vacuum could collapse the fuel tank, and certainly would make it much harder for the fuel pump to draw fuel from the tank, potentially stopping the flow of fuel to the carb. On the stock air cleaner there is a small filter inside to help protect the crankcase during backfire.

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