I have been thinking about upgrading my exhaust system. I currently have a miss matched set of mind train headers and hall big bore mufflers. I'd like to get a complete matching system and the only one I know of is Wilkinson's, but I can't find it on his web site anymore.  Is he still making them?  Is there any other complete system, besides stock Ansa out there?

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I'm old, horsepower was not the ultimate goal for me. Sound level (quiet),  appearance (OEM), and longevity were most important in my selection 10 years ago. Longevity meant selecting mufflers that didn't employ "a fibrous packing material" to deaden sound. I purchased the Hall GTS exhaust system.

An aftermarket exhaust system should meet your goals for originality, appearance, quality of construction, performance, sound level, and durability.  So before I could offer guidance or thoughts it would be helpful to know your priorities. I'm sure others feel the same way.

There are options but there are no off the shelf aftermarket systems like this is a JC Whitney thing.

Here's an option from one of our sponsors, Mr.Fiat. "Original" GTS headers, whatever that means?


He wants $3,500 for each header. That's $7,000 for the pair. I suppose that he probably has the matching ANSA exhausts for something comparable but that is a presumption by me. I didn't ask.

I didn't realize they were that valuable? Who knew?

Buy the PPC Stainless headers and mufflers and have a competent shop make up the mating pipes from stainless.  I am sure for a price Dennis will make the pipes up for you but they need to be fitted to the car and each car is different.  and that would not cost $7000.  The Ansa prices are absurd for a mild steel muffler that will rust out.  Dennis has the best system for the price.

Thanks for all the replies.  I had a crack in one of my big bore tail pipe flanges, and I just had that repaired.  So, I am up and running again, but I will probably consider PPC's system for the future.  I'll give him a call in the next couple of weeks and talk to him about it.


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