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Has anyone replaced their broken turn signal? I wonder if this is a big process or not. The turn signal in my red 5S has been broken for years and just now my Group 4 turn signal broke, so its a bit annoying now with both broken. To activate the turn signal I now have to hold it in the left or right position because it will not stay in that position. Thanks.

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I had the pleasure of meeting Bill and his wife a few years ago. He had repaired my switch 20 years ago when I was told to leave it on his door step and to pick it up a week later for a small fee and it worked fine until a few years ago. I emailed him and he agreed to meet with me at his home. He gave me a few plastic parts and springs and I was able to file the parts he gave me to get my switch operating again. I was able to open the switch because he previously cut the housing and then drilled and tapped it so it could be reassembled when he fixed it many years ago before. I have a drawing from Sobill on what he had me do so if you want pictures of the drawing PM me. Louie


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20190417_204208Yes, there are two plastic levers that look like pin ball levers in the switch. They are joined by a spring that keeps them up against another center piece. If the spring or connection where the spring meets the plastic lever fails the turn signal arm will not return on its own however the electronics still work.


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I had something similar on my 74L, including the high beam only coming on if I held it in place. When I had a look the mechanism had started to come away from the housing. So when I held it in the right place everything worked. Some epoxy glue and some sticky fingers later all fixed. I didn't even need to disconnect the wiring.

Hopefully yours will be as easy

Good look


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