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This EFI system is in excellent condition and works without issue.

I purchased this setup about three years ago to replace a very old, antiquated EFI system on my DeTomaso Pantera.  It served me quite well for two years while I contemplated future plans.

Ultimately, I decided to revert to a carburetor for a more ‘period correct’ induction system.  This should not be seen as an indictment of the Terminator EFI, as it performed admirably while installed on my vehicle.

The wiring harness does have a few slight modifications to suit my specific vehicle.  Basically, a few wires have been shortened and/or cut back for my particular ignition system and vehicle layout.  These mods should be easily reversible for the next owner.

Asking Price:  $1995.00
However, reasonable offers will be considered, and I will ship anywhere.IMG_9461IMG_9463IMG_9464IMG_9465IMG_9466IMG_9467IMG_9468IMG_9469

Please contact me with any questions!


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