Ok. Rewriting my post  Can someone post detailed pics of the  bumper ends of an installed bumper so,  I can verify my alignment of the inside and outside edges.  I purchased the vehicle with the bumpers removed and boxed up. The original holes were leaded over and are opened up now but can't seem to get correct fitment. 

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They should fit tight to the body with no gaps. I assume you already know that.

I not agree whit this , arround the corner there is sometimes a cap, they hide this cap whit the black rubber/plastic U trim


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My concern was the inboard alignment (in too far) .After much research it seems there is not a lot of consistency with exact bumper alignment (were several bumper options) people have come up with creative ways to address fit. (gaskets ).Since I am at the blank slate stage getting it right will be much easier.   Thanks for verifying  Jerry 

Are these your original bumpers? They look like they may be the SS reproduction bumpers that I've seen for sale. Another owner had the same situation as you with those bumpers. I don't recall what the resolution was in his case.

Husker. The bumpers gaskets and mounting we're all in a very Dusty box of goodies that came with the car with all mounting hardware and removed lighting.

Not stainless for sure. Evans verified Early OE, wrap around square end.  The vehicle was repainted (factory Paint issue , I have the complaint letter to De Tomaso) and paid for by the factory so at that time the bumpers and marker lights were removed.   I dont remember the date but it may have been within the first year or two of new.  

I am going to address it this weekend . Part of the issue is that all filler (leaded in fender seam) has been removed, I have a little wiggle room to move them in and they are tilted up a bit.  

Nothing a little duct tape, JB weld and big hammer can't cure. LOL.  I hope. 

Thanks for the reply. Jerry Sr

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