Can anyone confirm?

#2 leads to the reservoir

#1 I believe heads to the clutch actuator which is located next to the clutch.

There doesn't appear to be an existing line, just a lonely banjo left abandoned on the solenoid. I suppose the next step is to have the proper line made by the hose shop.

Would it make sense to rebuild the solenoid since it's all apart? I'd hate to find out a rebuild is needed AFTER it's all put together.  Perhaps there is a way to test it on the bench?

I hope to share some more progress in the near future. This thing has been sitting in the garage for way too long.


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You are correct, the inlet is the far end https://www.pegasusautoracing....ion.asp?Product=3502 . The fitting for the banjo goes to the hard line to the slave, you could use another banjo with a very small barb for the inlet (since the reservoir hoses are very small diameter). 

If in doubt, good news is that the Master cylinder is easy to find.  My car came with a 0.625" (Girling 625), replacements on Ebay are dirt cheap (as little as $18 for Chinese copies) and match the 0.75" that you have, or 0.625 or 0.70"...Lee  


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