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Does anybody have pictures from this car inside ? I heard they have stress to get it ready and not enough time.
In fact Müller crashed in this car, because of the broken ?ear? at the front suspension.
But I know, that the front from the gt4s is welded stronger in a special way.
I belive there are some open questions.
I also have a original gt4 plastic window.
This one looks complete diffrent.
Herbert Müller was chrashed on Monza from what I remember.
it was a smal stupid accident between 2 cars
There was not much damage , but the insurance company pay for a new body.
I dont know nothing about stronger weldings on Gr4's
Later the car was rebuild and sold whit Vin#8263 , the only Pantera from the 8000 series.
Aluminum doors are sold to Wilkinson USA

The todays owner from France have a big file
of history papers.
Here is the list of the 14 Original Group 4 Cars from a DeTomaso Listing, published in the Pantera International Magazine, Fall 2004 (Number 120, page 76)

GR.4 quelle che hanna corso
  • 2860 Gr4, Europa, 13/4/1972, Rosso-nera
  • 2858 Gr4, Europa, 26/4/1972, Rosso-nera
  • 2859 Gr4, Europa, 15/5/1972, Rosso-nera
  • 2861 Gr4, Europa, 19/5/1972, Rosso-nera
  • 2862 Gr4, Europa, 29/5/1972, Rosso-nera
  • 2872 Gr4, Europa, 27/6/1972, Rosso-nera
  • 2873 Gr4, Europa, 13/12/1972, Rosso-nera
  • 2874 Gr4, Europa, 22/12/1972, Rosso-nera

    GR.4 quelle con faccia da corso
  • 2263 GT.4, Europa, 2/12/1971, Rosso-nera
  • 2342 GT.4, USA, 1/3/1972, Rosso-nera (2824)*
  • 2343 GT.4, Europa, 13/3/1972, Rosso-nera
  • 2344 GT.4, Europa, 16/3/1972, Rosso-nera
  • 2824 GT.4, Europa, 31/3/1972, Rosso-nera (2342)*
  • 2823 GT.4, Europa, 7/4/1972, Rosso-near

    Sort of confusing, but that is what it says in the official DeTomaso document. It looks like they swapped VINs on two chassis?

    There is a big article in this issue about 2342/2824 that seems to corroborate the change with factory paperwork, and a letter from Claudia Lodi.

    UPDATE: I think I found pictures of all of them in ProvaMo except 2861.

  • Anybody know where to find dimention on the distance from wheel center to wheel  center in the back on a GT4 (the mittel of the tyre  width) the track in mm.

    anf if possible in the front also.

    Regarding horse power. i have heard that the GT4 cars for the street was with 500ps. is it possible to find any information on that.

    I need this for a projeckt i have here in Denmark.

    I think that depends on whether the measurement is made on 13" or 14" wide wheels and if any wheel spacers are used. The distance to the wheel mounting flange on the rear or front axles should be the same as a regular narrow body Pantera as all the additional width was the wheel offset.

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