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The projects going on at this point is the cooling system (thread: Cooling system - blow to suck) and this thread about the heater core…(will see about the A/C)

because I know there are several things, little bits and pieces I do not anticipate at this point, but I’m sure I will need, I decided to moved the car on Friday with a flatbed truck  to PIM! Alternatively I would be driving there each time getting parts or ordering them  which would add a lot of time ! So, Monday I be going to work at PIM and with the helping hands of Hans we will go after both water related problems! (& replacing the speedo cable with the speed sensor for the power steering) and throttle cable)

when I was working on the Power Steering mod I discovered evidence that if the valves in the back for the heater would get turned on, the heater core would need a diaper for sure! Secondly, I want to retire the metal tubes inside the center console! I am going to run the water lines on the bottom of the car!!

That’s the plan at this point but it always gets a “little “ bit more… right..??? And they already have stuff in mind… I’m so bad😞

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Modifications I suggest you consider:

1)   Positive shut offs in the engine bay, so that you can disconnect the heater completely when you’re out on the track.

2)  Stainless steel bungs welded into your stainless steel tubes under the car so that you can completely drain the cooling system.

3)  Pet cocks in the engine block so that you can more easily drain the engine versus dealing with those square headed pipe plugs.  (Suggested by Tberg, I think?)

4) A nice quarter turn petcock in the bottom left corner of your radiator with the nice flexible tube so that you can open it up, and get most of the fluid out of the system without pouring it into your front valance.

I might think of more stuff too, but the above have all been good modifications (that I have used) on my car…


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You guys have a front row seat in the comfort of your home to enjoy my findings… the good, the bad and the ugly!

But as @rocky said “..once it’s done, it will be done!” and it will be a “peace of mind” that the car will be as reliable, as I can make it!
i’m quite certain that the water pump would start puking after that long of a time just sitting! I am just afraid that I see stuff like I saw on high $ cars -gorgeous as they are- under the pretty skin rust took over and water passages were filled, packed, blocked with rust and rubbish so deep you could not even penetrate with a screwdriver…  

so much for preserving your investment by not driving it!

And if that happens…. 😱🤢🤮

I think I’m gonna retire those welded in metal tubes! Going to run steel braided under the car…. at least that’s my thought right now!

Surprisingly enough my cooling system had green antifreeze in it - just wow - what a surprise 😮

but what’s behind the shut off valves to the heater core… Surprise… I will open them tomorrow…

this thread goes parallel with my other thread :

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Here is what I found:

nice 1” crack length wise facing the drivers foot in the 8” hose to the heater core, surrounded with brown evidence of old coolant … just as @panterapatt laid out from a previous experience of his!!!

rusted heater control cables, interesting wiring.. twist and tape, a GM plastic piece that just fell out - landed in garbage can eight seconds later… and lots of dust and dirt… Removing the heater control panels with the cables is a B@&$!!!!!!

lots of old gooop  over all the connectors for the A/C , hard and non-cooperative…

i’m glad I’m very easy tempered! Otherwise, the chainsaw would have come out!  😡🤬🤯

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This is what happens when the heater tubes just exist… shut off valves closed and  heater core empty… IMG_1073IMG_1075

those pipes will be retired!! New stainless steel pipes will join the radiator pipes under the car, coupled front and back to stainless, braided Teflon lined hoses! no more heated center console !

working on the heater-A/C core… the original A/C had flared fittings… I am changing to O-rings! New hoses as I found one hose was spliced with a tube and 2 hose clamps! No more Mickey Mouse 💩!!!


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Later cars used a curiously curved factory steel pipe that was 2" on the pump end and 1-3/8" on the longitudinal end. The upgraded pipe uses short pieces of straight hose instead of the curved two-size hose. Gary Hall used to sell a duplicate of the hard to find factory part. It also fixed a common problem in the '70s: the gearshift shaft rubbed the original multi- curved rubber hose and sometimes wore a hole in it!

Nice, I'm not sure if that is the same unit that Quella sells but if so, be prepared for some slight modifications to make it fit the original case.

I had to add some holes to make it line up to the case but an easy job.

My evaporator didn't have a spot for the copper probe that guides the thermostat line into the fins.  I ordered a new AC switch and just pushed the metal line/probe into the middle of the fins.

Took some patience but worked out fine.


When I pulled the rubber heater hose off the two nipples in the engine bay they literally fell apart.  I figured the rest of the hard line couldn't be much better after 50 years so I just capped them off.   I need a heater maybe twice a year in Arizona!   I've been living without a heater just fine now for the last 5 years.  ;-)

Flow is gonna be nonexistent until thermostat is opening… I’m going to re-commission the pipes inside the tunnel but I’m going with the electric shut off valve Cutting off in and out pipes! I also will  shroud the hoses Between heater core and tunnel pipes so if one lets go the hot water blows into the tunnel…

(am I going to test my theory how I think it will work - NO)😳



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I’ve got one of those valves, but mine is cable controlled…. Yours is a better solution…

I also have the drain bungs…. Great addition…. Really helps cooling system maintenance.

Coolant will circulate to the heater during warmup if you supply it from the stock location on the block and water pump, but it just won’t be warm yet…


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