When I depress the Stalk for the horn I get a very low horn level sound and the voltmeter dips .

Does this Horn System have a Relay and might that be the issue or does it seem that it's time for a new Horn or Directional / Horn Switch.

I can't seem to find much info in the Service Manuals

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the horn (2 horns!!) have one Relais ref the drawing above. The issue is normally with the horns as very old so called WAGNASCHER HAMMER, where a big electro magnet (stack of ferro metal) driven by a coil as part of this magnet. The ends of the magnet face towards a metal plate close to it. When the horn button is push current  enables the magnet to work, hence pulling the metall plate inwards. There is a contact (kind of relais contact type) fixed to that plate which as soon as the metall plate got moved towards the magnet the contact opens, hence the metall plate moves back in place closing the contact, and the process repeates. 

The horns suck under normal conditions a LOT OF CURRENT, guess each  5..10 AMPS..

So go test them on the bench - with ear pluggs ,

The metal plate could be rottet so does not bend, so full current for ever..vs intermitting.

Test the relais, as you now know where it is located, the switch is normally not the issue as low current only for the relais, say 0,5 Amps. If the horn makes sound it is NOT the switch nor the relais..


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Airhorn compressor needs some lubricant for working into a good order.

there is a red button on top of the compressor you can lift open.

WD 40 is what I use.


You Guys are the "Greatest"

I just ordered a set of horns from Wilkerson.

He also informed me that the Orange Pantera Parts Book is obsolete.

Steve Wilkerson (and maybe others) don't use the part numbers in the Orange Parts book.  I sent Wilkenson Pantera a list  of the parts I needed for repair of my uprights (with the P/Ns taken from the Ford Orange Book), and he sent me an email back telling me the part numbers were no good, and go to his website to get "the right numbers".

So I bought what I needed from somebody else.  It was a pretty standard set of stuff.

The Orange Book is still useful for the drawings and part names.



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Just a quick look, I think Wilkerson uses the DeTomaso parts book.

I actually prefer that reference over the Ford book.   I find the Ford numbering and associating to illustrations a bit scattered.

I also prefer the DeTomaso Parts book illustrations.   I think I found that book online before I got "the works" cd version.   I have even converted those pdfs pages to bmp to let me cut and paste for discussions.   I did a version with just the items that 5177 has and thus provided to GunnerZ for my inventory list


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