Just beyond words Dave. Love it. TO ME, you've created a 'better', more practical, more interesting Ford GT. Park 'em side-by-side and see.

The awe-inspiring, enduring "copy of nothing" Pantera or the "reinterpreted" GT40?

I wouldn't turn either one down, but your work here is significantly more unique. Wonderful job.
No, No, No food in my car... I will drive it, look at it and probably clean it alot...

Adams, Thanks for the kind words. My vision of my Pantera started about 35 years ago. I have had alot of time (and cars inbetween to think about it).

Sharing my vision and desire for something different is my friend Steve Julius (AZ POCA Member). Without his tireless effort, artistry and craftmanship # 3463 would just be another restored Pantera. I look forward to my 0 mile car and the vision completed. A continued thank you to Steve!

Dave # 3463
Check out the pedal set. Ultimate pedals and a custom fab'd dead pedal for the left foot. Reall looks sharp. Can't wait to get my feet on them...

Cooling system drains. High quality 316 stainless fittings welded into the stainless cooling tubes. Petcocks are powdercoated black.

Nice touches!

Dave # 3463

Hey Yellow 72 > # 3468 > produced at the same time as mine!
Exhaust is ready for HPC Coating. My system is completely one-off. Precision ProFormance's Euro GTS Headers (2.0" pipe and 2.25" collectors) to 2.25" custom fabricated pipes to fit my car into gutted cans with gutted tips. My version of "Louder Mind Train" only it looks like stock.

Loud is good...

Dave # 3463
Hey Shotgun, so you're in line to buy # 3463 1st?

David, my friend Steve Julius is an AZ POCA member. His unbelievable restorations do include # 4357 (his 1972 L) which he sold earlier this year; 2 Gullwings (1 pulled 2nd @ Pebble Beach) and 1 roadster > MBZ. 4 Ferraris (including his pristine & redone 1986 328GTS), 1 Aston Martin, some other cars and soon to include # 3463. He's amazing.

Dave # 3463
Dave, it is SO CLOSE looking! An estimate of 'due date' or do we not discuss such things? It is gorgeous beyond words and to think I got your 'throwaway' wheels out of the deal! I'm flattered, my car is honored, and I bet my payment for them lasted like, oh, 25 minutes?

Such a beauty. Hope you'll record the engine when you fire it up and let us hear it. Have fun!
AC Condenser painted Porsche Artic Silver and clearcoated.

It has always been my understanding, read in numerous articles over the years, that radiators/condensers require, if painted at all, a special thin formula paint. The thinking goes, that to use a regular paint, and then in this case, to add another layer of clear would seem to inhibit the heat transfer properties of the fins and to also decrease the air flow passage size available between the tubes/fins.

I will be interested to hear if your system has cooling issues.

Hey guys, thanks for your comments and input. # 3463 will be a "windows down concours driver." Not seeing much Pro Touring duty. When I want AC I will drive either the BMW 650 or the Escalade. Coming from the NCRS, my Sting Rays were no PS, PB, AC, Automatic or BS. I prefer the no creature comfort options.

As far as the lethal critters in AZ, that's what keeps Steve on his toes...

Dave # 3463
Shot of the front of the engine completed. Everything is Neat & Tidy.

A surprise when # 4357; Steve's Pantera sold earlier this year, showed with it's new kicks > campy clone 17's.

Just another day in paradise...

Yes George that's Steve's Ferrari 328 GTS peeking out of the garage.

Dave # 3463
Great Going Dave! Thanks SO much for sharing your adventure! Hope the maiden voyage is without incident. We'd love to see the car (and even you!) in a photo reunited.

What a fabulous car, tastefully-executed, and ready for the next 20 years of timeless enjoyment.
Visited on Thursday and saw the completed car and drove it for the 1st time in 8 months. Unbelieveable. Handles. Tight. Loud. Fast.

Ready to ship back to SoCal next Wednesday. What an unique experience being able to work with Steve and have him restore # 3463. I am very lucky.


DC396F5E-94A8-4BBA-820A-014FABE845187748395E-2E73-4F9A-AF2C-5D3DD8AB89A65FCA9A31-2C4F-4C29-BAF3-34DBFCECC053945055C6-5C74-4215-A59D-59BE6935EE8F11 years since the last update to this thread, but excited to re-introduce this beauty back to the forum. It took some TLC and elbow grease (thank you to all the forum members for their great advice), but she’s home in her new garage ready to make some memories! 


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