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My Euro Pantera never had a passenger side view mirror and I do not feel entirely safe without one when changing lanes to the right.  But adding one is a serious commitment because I will have to drill holes in the passenger door skin.  The driver side already has a mirror screwed onto the door.  The mirror is a Vitaloni Baby Tornado.  Shall I take the plunge and add the passenger side mirror?  The only other option I know of is to glue a mismatched mirror to the vent window.



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Steve, This is a heart wrenching decision.  Dad added a passenger side mirror to our Bora many years ago.  I am on a small mission to undo some of the US required items such as the rear bumper shocks etc. that were mandated when we imported the car.  The goal is to revert it back to the Italy spec as close as possible.  There was never a passenger mirror on the car.  Now I am stuck with two non-original mirrors and holes in the passenger doors.  I believe the solution for the Bora is to find two original type mirrors and install them.  This is why I chose to glue the mirrors on to the vent window on my Pantera.  Maybe we are making this harder than it needs to be????

Hi Steve,
Before I sold mine, I went through the same thing. Just couldn't bear to drill holes in that paint. I was going to add a tiny backup camera to the wing window and a small display mounted on the right side of the dash. I actually made a  geometrically complicated piece of delrin to mount the mirror at the correct anglemount1mount2mount3. Let me know if you're interested and I'll send it to you.


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s-l1600 [2)s-l1600 [2)s-l1600 [2)@lf-tp2511 posted:

Mirrors show what is behind you; is that really important??


YES!! Especially when You're seeing a Flashing Red Light! And while Backing-Up in Tight Spaces without a Spotter.

...I would take that Drivers Mirror off, UGLY in My View, and throw it in the Trash. That thing looks like a 'Bill-Board' on the side of the Freeway, It's Huge!

Obtain a pair of 'BABY Californian' Mirrors (yes hard to find), the Most Beautiful, Eye Appealing Mirrors for the Pantera, in My Opinion. And the are more Streamlined.

Drill the Holes in the Passenger Door, and on Both doors. Be sure to install Nut-Serts for a Stronger, more Stable Mounting. And then you may use Stainless Steel Allen-Head Machine Screws. Course Threads as Fine threads can't handle the dirt and will Gaull and Lock-Up

...GLUE a Mis-Matched Mirror onto the Pass 'A' Window, Really?? When that's finished You will Not be Happy with it!

Before the Desert Trip, I installed a Camera with-in the Shell of the Passenger Californian, beside a Convex Mirror. Viewed on the 11" Monitor. One of two cameras, this was for the Blind Spot.

The best Mirror in My Opinion. The Monitor is showing from the 2nd camera on the Rear Deck Lid.



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@jmardy posted:

@marlinjack, how fast did you go after taking these pictures?

...200,000,000.351 Parsecs per Second!! OR, fast enough to cause My Watch to run in reverse!

Back to reality...I cruised all day at 90 MPH. It was 118F ambient temp and the 351 Never deviated from 190F. I may have broken 100+ MPH multiple times. 'Highest Speed' testing is for the SS Challenge. I was too far from Home, and ill Prepared, to have Blown Her Up!

I would add, Nothing Ever Caught-Up Behind Me. As far as the Mirrors, Everything kept Disappearing into Them...FAST!


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I wrestled with the same question, but after the 2nd or 3rd time I almost changed lanes into someone because they were in my blind-spot, the decision was made!  And I've never regretted it!

FWIW, Panteras sold through Lincoln-Mercury dealers in the US from 71-74 did not come from the factory with side-view mirrors.  The driver's door side-view mirror was added by the dealerships.  Adding a matching mirror to the passenger door is just finishes the job, improves the appearance, and makes your car a LOT safer to drive.

As was already said, better to have 2 tiny holes to mount your mirror than a wrecked "original" Pantera!

Yes, those are them. I don't know where I got the Idea of 'Baby'. But, those are the Californians I have. In a Word...Sporty!

I think You would be very pleased with these. They Can mount Straight-up, or Laying over some, check my drivers' side mirror. The rubber pads give perfect taper to compensate for the angle of the door sill, for Aiming/leveling to the rear. Don't Forget the Nut-Serts. Got to say, you know they are plastic, and I Do NOT see the 'Tapered' Rubber Pads (just the Straights), in the Package. You can buy Tapered 'Rubbers' separately.

Good-Luck with Your choices


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