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Originally posted by Ducatista:
You can check with Mr. Santiago De Tomaso or Raffaele or Mirko at RScorse in Modena, they have the original year specs and can give you very exact information to meet MOT.

Strada Sant' Anna 652,
Modena Italy, 41100
39 059 7102792.


BTW, they also have essentially all parts for sale, from common to unobtanium...
Good resources in the UK are; north Roger Brotton of Three Point Four or in the south Johnny Woods,

I believe you will need euro (amber indicator) lenses on the rear, a fairly easy mod. Also to wire the front side markers as indicator repeaters, how to here;

The headlights will obviously require changing for RHD beam configuration.

Other potential failure areas are steering play, functional wash & wipers, seat belt condition and inertia stop, emissions and noise. One challenge is often getting the handbrake to hold on the rolling road resistance test.

Good luck,
Originally posted by Simon:
Are sealed beams headlights alowed for the UK?
For the rest of Europe you need H4 lamps. Also the orange turn indicators you must chance them for white glasses, some countrys are mistfogrear lights needed.
all on EbayMotors.DE

Simon, not sure if I have a problem but having difficulty finding out exactly whats required for the UK MOT, just waiting for a new windscreen to be fitted then I'm going to take it for a MOT test and see what it fails on

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