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Trying to get my ignition buzzer working. It's the bottom element in the drawing below.  It doesn't work right now, but I verified the "buzzer element" operates properly (buzzes if 12V is applied).

Can someone explain how the circuit is designed to work?

1) Does it only come on when the door is opened, and the key is on?

2) Does it shut off if the engine is running and the door is open?

  • I was under the impression that it buzzed when the ignition was turned on, and the engine was NOT running to prevent you from burning up a coil or ignition module.  IF THIS THEORY IS CORRECT...  How does the circuit work? 

Help is appreciated - I'm going to look at the schematic, but maybe first I should read the owner's manual.

Thanks -


I made this table of data with the two Buzzer systems.  My seat buzzer doesn't work because I have swapped out the stock seats for C4 corvette seats, but I'm hoping the ignition buzzer might operate without too much work.  Wiring seems very stock under the driver's kick panel.  The data doesn't make sense to me.

(Green & Orange are supposed to be ones to the ignition buzzer)

Wire Color   Batt ON      IGN ON    Engine ON    OHMS

                       to GND       to GND     to GND          to GND

Lt. Blue         0 V              0 V              0V                    Infinity

Grey              0 V              11.8 V        12.0 V              9 Ohms

Green            0 V              0 V             0 V                   Infinity

Orange          12.5 V       11.9 V        13.0 V              Infinity



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My joke is because of the massive scope, and huge number, of projects you are tackling!!!

I am kidding you, but only because I am so impressed!

You have done in 3 months what it took me from 2012 -> 2022 to achieve…. And maybe just a little longer, because I have only now got my door buzzer working!

Keep going, brother!

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thank you for the compliment!!

Retired old people… what else would I do…

i’m frightened imagining when the car is done!

Well, you know they are never really done 😜

thinking cannonball .. but since the Covid record run on empty streets-forget it…Lol

anyway… can you please tell me where this buzzer located- prime time for me to cut it out! Can’t stand it if something tells me the door is open.. I know it’s open because I opened it..🤨

do I even have one?? Built 10/72

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It’s located in the driver’s kick panel, the bottom metal can.  

It’s on the forward side of the relay panel.

We will soon see how long it takes me to disable mine!

I think the intent is to keep people from destroying their ignition system by leaving the key in the “ON” position and getting out of the car….. or maybe to keep people from leaving the keys in the car…


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