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Evening / morning depending on where in the World you are.

I need to turn my attention to the my dash rebuild as I fit car together, mine has been messed around with, with gauges and switches changed around and substituted.  Thankfully most of the missing switches came from previous owner in a box. For background My car is a late (thought to be German finished) car, 8MA 1208. Left hand drive 4 headlight Bro model with (curiously as it’s a later car) the under dash Ayacsa A/C with the vents below the dash.
The toggle switches are mounted up high and, currently oriented  left to right
Lower down in centre is the radio hole.

My questions are:

1) is left to right high up switching side to side for toggle switches correct (in so far as anything can be "standard" for these cars!) for a 1200 series car?
2)  is the correct gauge orientation (some of mine have been moved) as follows:  left of steering column -  oil pressure, top left, with oil temp on top row to the right of oil pressure and clock below, and to right of column and speedo / ref counter  ammeter closest on top row, water temp to the right on top and fuel gauge below?
3) My switches are (L to R) currently (wiper to left of column) then to right of column 4 switches to drivers elec window switch, cigar lighter, passenger window switch and then three more toggle.  Is the the order / function left to right of the switches as per the excellent wiring diagram Lee/Nate and MikeH shared with us all? (being Gauge dim/dimmer, Lights, Courtesy light, Hazard, Rad fan override, City -country horn and Heater fan 1-2 speed? - 7 in total -p I had roof mounted aerial)
4) which switches are 2 position and which 1 position? I’m assuming two position are lights and heater /defrost fan? Are all the rest 1 position?
5) does the hazard toggle have a tell tale red light internally which turn on ‘ / pluses? - some cars seem just to have a red sticker?  So far I’ve only found the switches (and they’ve not been easy to find at all) but never a hazard with an integral light
5) Is the engine compartment light turned on/off  by a switch triggered when you lift the cover?

As ever, thanks in advance!


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1)  Yes, late cars have switches moving horizontally
2)  Layout you state is correct (it never changed ,thru production) - Add Speedo left of column, tach on right.

3) Switch 1 is a rheostat, Switch no2 for Lights is 2 pos, all other are single throw.
4) see above
5) no plain switch, I have a few
5) Engine compartment light (and frunk) is the same as dome light but has a thumb wheel to turn on/off.

for reference info ;  dashboard switches decals | The De Tomaso Forums (

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Larry, the order of the last 3 switches did change when the switches went from "down" (below the radio) to above the radio. The wiring diagram lists the "switches up" sequence (8ma956 and later) and the changeup for earlier cars is only something brought to my attention recently by John with 8ma750...

   -for the hazard switch, these got cheaper --Ferrari used the same hazard switch thru the 70's, no repro'd

- for the courtesy lights, as Denis writes the ones in the trunk have the switch. But as I can tell, the light will also only turn ON when the motor is running (as I could tell, the ignition switch enables the power to these...). I guess DeT was afraid users would forget to turn off the switch and drain their battery, so in effect made them quite useless!

"Schematics" of the Maserati switches (used in the Goose) are attached, see page 14/ sch 11 for QP and page 23 for Ghibli,  and where I pulled Lucas part numbers for the switches (including the turn signal switches). Awesome resource which explained a lot of funky details in the early Goose wiring diagram (remnants of the Prestolite alternator, the voltage regulator for the gauges, etc...).

It would be great to find a stash of the original (round) handles, the switches themselves are all easy enough to substitute....But at least, with stickers, there is absolutely no fuss about buying by the Icons on the switch--Lee

Toggle switch order early

Switches “Up” order





Off, parking lights, headlights



Dimmer rheostat (gauge brightness)

(try not to laugh at the word "brightness")



Interior courtesy light

Turns on the light on the rear bulkhead interior



Radiator fans

The radiator has a thermostat, but it isn’t used—instead, the electric fans for the radiator are manually turned on.



City/horn switch

Selects either the small Bosch (city) or the Fiamm air trumpets for the horn. Icon looks like a fuel pump, but Mangusta used a mechanical fuel pump (the switch Was used for left/right fuel tank on Ghibli).



Emergency flasher

Turns on the blinkers—switches between either of 2 circuits depending on whether key is ON or OFF.



Heater fan

Goes to the IPRA heater box in the middle of the car, directly above the console


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That’s great as always many thanks to both of you.  Will see what I have and then work out what I need. I think just one missing.

couple extra questions, is the dim/dimmer rheostat a slider or just a click switch same as others  with just one different position for different “brightness”?

also do either of you (or anyone else) have a source  for or a picture for the interior and front and rear courtesy lights? Haven’t seen them in my parts boxes!



Larry, good news, the courtesy lights are still in production, here with switch at Alfastop -;search_text2=light  Alfa part #1493.80.716 for Giulia 101.... or Lancia Fulvia

The dimmer is a wire-wound variable resistor, google LUCAS Rheostat Dimmer Switch , Lucas part 78455A or 78418... It likely won't do anything if you have LEDs, and if you don't have LEDs you probably don't need a dimmer ...So populating with a simple on/off switch  is not a terrible idea. One of my long-term-will-probably-never-do-projects is to make an LED driver that uses the original rheostat...but I am so far from needing optimum lighting for night driving to distinguish whether I'm driving 45 or 50 mph...on a 200mph speedo  Lee

nos rheostat

lucas switches maserati ghibli rear

maserati mistral indy switch sets and icons


Images (3)
  • nos rheostat
  • lucas switches maserati ghibli rear
  • maserati mistral indy switch sets and icons
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