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Dear Friends, I try to find out more of the History of my DeTomaso Mangusta.  The Car is homologated as a DeTomaso Mangusta and have some Details wich seems to be different to later Qvale Production Cars.  It have a other Trunk Interieur, no Trunk Lock , blue valve Covers,  No Abs , the silver door handles,  the former Owner changed the wheels to Antera Wheels and as I changed the heater core, I found some Prototype Stickers in the car. Also the Importer said that he saw that at DeTomaso for a long time , everytime he was at DeTomaso .When DeTomaso closed He bought it together with some other Cars direkt from DeTomaso and bring's it to Austria. In Wikipedia is named only one Qvale Mangusta, wich belongs to a friend of mine.  So I write with some Guys on Facebook and one who Support the Qvale Regestry said that is a car , wich was deliverd to Spain nothing more. But I know, the Car was never in Spain and Iit was in the factory at DeTomaso.  The Former Owner has documents, Like the First oil Change with around 500km and he Said , that he bought the Car with about 50km on the clock.  What happend to all the biguas ? What Cars are chrashed and wich cars are left ?  Thanks for your help

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Does Provamo track the Qvale Mangusta? From a quick glance it appears they do not. Sorry I can't be more helpful. Let me add that I think these cars are well positioned to explode in value. I had an opportunity to buy a very reasonably priced one a few years back. Passed on it and since watched them nearly double in value. Good luck with the car and please post some photos. Thanks.

I have not found any with the Bigua name on them.  I was told they were all changed.  If you look closely at the clock in the center, you will see the Detomaso symbol faintly at the 12' position.  It was to costly to have them remade so they took a black marker to everyone of them and made it look like a thicker bar. 

The abs were on available on the last cars as well as traction control.  I believe all 5 speed cars will have the cobra engine with the blue valve covers.  The first 100 cars had the early door handles. 

I have 2 cars with superchargers.  One has a left over qvale race team engine in it.  I don't put stock in the values will explode ever, but they are sure cheap reliable fun.

According to legend, only three Biguas were sold as such- probably as prototypes. Before Qvale bought the project and re-named the rest after his earlier success with the original Mangusta (he sold about 200 of the 402 produced). I saw a Bigua at Modena in the early '90s during a group factory visit; Santiago drove it around the parking lot so it was an operating car.

One Bigua was famously rolled in the Modena red-light district by an auto writer that exceeded his skill level. Another is in the hands of Joe Moore in New Jersey. POCA hasn't found #3 yet- yours may be a transition car. The new POCA Registry is attempting to list the Mangusta lls as well as any other DeTomaso cars.

Thanks to all! Sorry for my terrible English.  I am verry sorry that there is Nobody who does the Regestry in a correct way.  It is correct that those prices raise Up. Here in Europe is the perfect time, but I am sorry to say , in USA are verry weak holders /Owners of those cars on the Market. The people do Not understand , that for rich Car Enthusiast wich search for verry rare Cars , the price makes the Differenz. For the Most of my Customers prices under 200 000.,- are Not interessing. Two weeks ago , I Had the opportunity to Change my Mangusta with a F430 in Mint condition. I didnt do it , because it is a " one off' it is the only DeTomaso Mangusta , wich was Not changed to a Qvale , and Further more it was Sold by DeTomaso as a DeTomaso Mangusta, so DeTomaso liked to see His Name on this car.   I hope that more Mangusta Owners will See how Special this Car is. It could be compared to a 575 Superamerika. And this would be the correct price Ränge for a Car Like this. Than this Car would be interessing for the "bigger fishes' A next reason is :  when you have an accident, the insurance easily Not pay when the damage is bigger than the valvue of this Car. For example : a Stone Hits my Windscreen. There is No Windscreen aviable , so pilinkton makes for me a New one. The price for a New homologated Windscreen ist 25000Euro and IT Takes 2 Jears to get it. So the Garage storage costs, the costs for the mechanic and all together is about 30 oooEuro.  When those cars are to cheap, the insurance will Not pay . Those are beautifull Cars with a Lot of History. Don t compare this with a Mustang. Technical yes, but Not the Name !


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Thanks for your words. Yes I have the Papers /from the Importer/ that it was sold from DeTomaso to the Importer here in Austria./He bought this Car together with 12 other Cars /  The Importer was verry offen at DeTomaso Factory saw this Car assambled there.  The wheels were changed end of 2001 or beginning of 2002 to Antera Wheels and for that I have also the Papers for homologation but from Qvale. What happend to the original Wheels is not clear. How can I identify the Engine ?  Some say all Cars have silver valve Covers , only the late Cars have blue valve Covers. Thanks

My apologies for the confusion. I was replying to this post from Peter-

About the vin Numbers:  a man wich seems to have all Qvale Parts and Paperwork, wrote Last Time 20 Cars were chrashtested so the first Qvale Starts with #21 . How can this be when there are Cars with #1 or #2 and he own #3  .  ?    It is terrible that we have no correct informations .

I think that all the papers belongs to its car.  In Case of the DeTomaso Issue , we should contact a Laywer to get our Papers. Its OK when someone get some handling Fee, but DeTomaso Doors we're wide Open when they closed and those documents were Stolen. Verry simple , those documents are Stolen from DeTomaso by thiefs and the same Guys Play Tricks with theire informations.  Also Every Car builder give those information for free or for a small Fee when the Brand is allive.   Its our information and our right to get it.  For my Pantera I should pay 5000euros for those Papers. First it was a Standart L , than a GTS than maybe a crashed racecar / oh but nooo chrashed Race Cars are Out of Stock 😜 I don't know but for 5000euro it can be something "Special" no 5000 , No Special. Those time I only want to know the History from this Car. I don't sell it. I am happy with it and never sell it. I only want to know what happend to it. But in the Case of the Mangusta there is some other man behind , for me it seems that he is a honest man.But he did not know more about the History. Nobody Cares about "Qvale" or the Bigua , because when you drive a Pantera you never Thing about buying a Qvale. BUT : IT belongs to DeTomaso History and also I need to say : I love it . Not at the First time . Its a Car wich needs time.  Also the 4.6 engine is verry nice and can have verry easy more than 500rwhp. This Car Looks terrible on Photos but once you have it in the Garage , you ll love it. Its a DeTomaso for sure but a GT model.  Once you have one you will love it. But prices are much to low right now. Some Idiots compare it with a Mustang, but it is more a F575 Superamerica than a Mustang wich was build 100000mio Times. The Chassis is so stiff for a Cabriolet and the weigh distribution is better than expected.  In my work I Drive everyday with the fastest Ferraris , but the "Mangi" feels nice. Only Thing : I suggest a supercharger.  The 320 HP is not enough when you Like to Play with a Lamborghini.  The traction , the brakes everything is fine, but Power could be more. 

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