Thanks for showing me that thread Murph! Commented accordingly, from the heart.

To me, a bone stock GTS, then a GT5-S, then the Pavesi car, in ascending order. I'm sure others more familiar may disagree. I'm happy with my silly 'mostly stock' 74! I think the value has increased measurably in the last couple years.
Original GR4 Pantera’s seem to be selling from upwards of $250,000.00; I believe only 13 were made.
Then there’s Paul Halstead’s “Toy Shop” Pantera which is up for sale here in Australia for $550,000.00, but obviously it doesn’t necessarily mean its worth that much.
There are many fantastic individual custom Pantera’s out there, it really comes down to how much you want it & what you are prepared to pay.

Originally posted by Cowboy from Hell:
Nice comments Adams

Most valuable Pantera? Perhaps Elvis' Pantera?

Sorry George I disagree Smiler I believe the most valuable Pantera is the one you wont part with for any price.
My car is slightly modified and can be returned to stock by the person who gets it.... AFTER I DIE...... NOT FOR SALE!! I have wanted one since I was 12, bought one at 40, almost 55 now.
Smiler I did not know car ownership was all about “investment value” my car is upgraded a bit to make it fun to own and DRIVE – I am a car enthusiast not a merchant banker – drive the hell out of it, and let the “F” car people polish there investments LOL. Big Grin
Smiler I did not know car ownership was all about “investment value” my car is upgraded a bit to make it fun to own and DRIVE – I am a car enthusiast not a merchant banker – drive the hell out of it, and let the “F” car people polish there investments LOL. Big Grin

Hahaha. Reminds me of someone's signature line on the DT Mail List...

"Not putting miles on your Pantera is like not having sex with your girlfriend so she'll be more desirable to her next boyfriend." Big Grin
Not sure if it would qualify as the "most valuable", but the "Megabuck" Pantera from the 80's certainly set a new standard for unlimited spending ... from the twin turbo 427 SOHC engine, McLaren uprights, inconel exhaust, Hewland gearbox, airjacks, completely re-engineered suspension and engine compartment, etc., etc.

The actual $ spent on this Pantera (reportedly millions) is the stuff of legends!

I saw the car at the Newporter concours in the mid 80's. The development goals were so ambitious that it still wasn't "finished" at that time.


I read these posts and those on Ferrari-chat. I was going to post a response on that forum - But ... they don't care ... why should I.
Most valuable Pantera? Honestly, I don't know about the market (frankly, I don't care what the market does) but in my opinion, the Pavesi GT5S Targa.

Honestly, there are quite a few things in life that are better investments and more fun than a car. So, I do not look at cars as an investment. They are meant to be driven. Beause I can only have room in my life for one and only one sports car - it would be my extenally stock looking, tastefully DeTomaso upgraded 74L. I want to drive my car every day.

I loved the quote:

Buying a car and not driving it for the sake of its investment is like looking at your wife and saving her for her next husband. Smiler

I'd much rather hang out with Pantera owners than some of those dicks commenting on the Ferrari forum.
Cars are meant to be driven. I laugh when I go to a car show and I see all the same mustangs, camaros, vettes and ferraris.
These people are sheep. They follow the herd. They do what others tell them to do.
Do what you want. Its your car and your money.
Dont follow. Lead. Drive a Pantera. Drive it hard.
on the subject of price/value. I purchased my do pantera and a series 1 63 e type roadster in 1995total of approx 45k us. have since spent a conciderable amount on both. todays value, unsure, maybe 200k for both prob not. At the same time I purchased these i was shown a lovely little ferrari dino in good condition. it alone is today worth 200k us.
it would be nice if our passion was also a viable investment. imho.
246GT Dino ... Yes

When I was shopping for a sports car 1986 through 1990, the 3 cars I had on my short list were: Dino 246GT, Maserati Bora, 74 DeTomaso Pantera. All were about the same price at the time

Of the three, the Dino 246GT appreciated the most and the DeTomaso the least.

However, the 206/246 Dino was/is a DOG in performance no matter how beautiful it is. I knew it then and I know it now. (DOG - Check the numbers). A beautiful/gorgeous car to look at but a slug on the road. (Still love the way it looks though)

The Maserati Bora one step better in performance than the Dino and one of the most comfortable and luxurious mid-engine GTs ... Even by todays standards.

Finally, the DeTomaso Pantera. Beautiful, Quick, great performance (even by todays standards), A huge trunk, Fun .. Fun .. Fun. I drove over 100K miles on it. Have to rebuild/replace the engine/transaxle. Beautiful to look at and a smile for every time I drove it.

I chose wisely.

Investment? Example In 1990 through 1999 gold was $280ish per ounce. ($28,000 for a good Pantera in the early 90's) Now it is around $1600. 100oz bar is beautiful to look at but will not get you very far if you sit on it !!!

I bought a car to drive; An airplane to fly; and I married a girl to .... well you fill in the rest.

Still, I think the best investment Pantera is the factory Targa GT5S. Best DeTomaso investment ... Valelunga or one of their race cars. Best automobile investment ? ... Who knows? and ultimately it is a question that cannot be intelligently answered with foresight. If it could, I would not be the poor mug I am.

As far as values for Detomasos goes, I would have to say that the big winners would have to be the race cars and then the prototype cars. Especially if the race cars had any success at all and had most of the in period race car stuff on it -- then I could see these ringing the bell. The prototype cars (i.e. the Mangusta Spyder, the P70, Detomaso 5000, Detomaso Sport 2000, etc.....) should also bring some decent money someday -- these cars have the best chance at getting into six and seven figures in my lifetime.

As far as the serial production cars, I would say the earliest Detomaso, the aluminum Vallelungas, would be worth the most, then the Pavesi Si Targas, then the GT5-S Pavesi Targas, then who knows? It might be Mangustas, then the fiberglass Vallelungas, hard to say at that point.

At this point I don't think that cars like I am building are going to be going up in value -- but I do think there is a chance that fuel injected hot rods that are done well will come into their own -- hey I can dream can't I............

I remember trying out the Dino and saying it was like driving my buddy's Austin Healy Sprite - no power at all. I bought the Pantera instead and don't really care what the Dino's worth today. It's still slow.

As for the price of gold, I remember at that time an ounce of gold was the same price as an ounce of hash. I had more fun smoking it than investing in it. I still do.
Originally posted by agustaboy:
Originally posted by Cowboy from Hell:
Nice comments Adams

Most valuable Pantera? Perhaps Elvis' Pantera?

I agree. I wonder what this would fetch at a B-J auction. 3+ million?

I mean if the Batmobile pulled 1.4 Million........
Boy are you Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay OFF!!!!!!!....the batmobile sold for 4.6 MILLION!!!!.....Mark
Yea, I was at Barrett and saw it happen. I bid $4.1 million and it had a hammer price of $4.2 million.

People ask me why I bid on the car -- what would I do with it if I won the bid (which I really didn't bid on it, just want to get a reaction...)?

FIGHT CRIME OBVIOUSLY!!! As I tell them, I already had my mask and cape.................

It never gets old telling that story........

Also, I really doubt if the Elvis car would go anywhere near seven figures. Remember, the Green Hornet, Shelby American's double prototype that is all original, did not even break $2 million (hammer price was $1.9 million and did not sell). This was the prototype named EXP 500 that was the forerunner to the Shelby GT500 -- so for whatever reason this car did not go anywhere near $3 million; and I highly doubt that the Elvis Pantera would get to $3 million too -- at least in the current selling environment. In the future, who knows; anything is possible.

7X, IMHO...... The one and only 1975 Prototype Pantera, Had the pleasure of knowing the ownwer and sitting in the vehicle during a car show here in Michigan many years ago, lost track of him and the car, but several years ago saw the car drive by our house one summer afternoon. Can't imagine the value now but it must be veiwed as one of the most valuable Pantera's
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