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my first question (possible more to come)

how do you clear the PM counter?

I see if I open each old PM the counter sometimes counts down, but I would think there is a single click options somewhere

comment.   making a post also took some time, don't know if I could do it again


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I'm not aware of a "PM counter". 

Composing a post (Social Strata calls them topics) will become easier and faster with familiarity. It is no more difficult to learn to use the new software than it was to become familiar with the old software when you first became a member.

There are a lot more options and choices now, ways to search for new content etc. But you don't have to use them. You can choose to just use the basics, and my goal has been that the basics will mimic the previous forums as much as possible.

Did you use the big green button?

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I am also alerted of new "content" each time I log on. But when I view that new content by going to my "alerts" the big red dot with a number inside disappears.

I have reduced the number of alerts I am receiving by going to my "personal settings" and "notifications" and checking or unchecking the appropriate boxes.

That's all I know on the subject for now. I am on the same learning curve as the rest of you. Don't be afraid to explore.

my alert big red dot shows 28.   then when I expand its column, it has the same red dot at PMs.   I went through an opened all old PMs that I have available

I think I have lost older PMs as I can only see 20 from first of this year.

But my red dot stays at 28

the alert red dot does count down and goes away as I look at the new post it shows

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Steve we appreciate the input you've provided, its helping us iron out the problems. Dave says he's not having anymore issues on his phone, which is an Android. So we need to attack this from a different direction.  Along that line, we would like a bit more input from you. We have 3 questions for now:

(1) Can you please tell us exactly which URL is the page that is giving you a problem?

(2) Which iphone are you using, including which IOS version (Safari?).

(3) Are all other pages fine for you?



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I thought I'd try and having similar issue on an iPhone 6S (IOS 11.4.1) , the forums page loads but no access to the sidebar for topics, if I turn the phone in landscape it is there I can click 'All Topics' and when that loads portrait view is okay.

 I am sure I am like many  of the members in that I often keep up to date on this and other sources of information by using my cell phone.  In fact, last week I was at SEMA and my cell phone was my only viewing choice. 

 I have been playing with this new layout for the last few days and find it far from being intuitive to this non-digital native. Usually I do quite well with my online experiences but this new look is  just not working for me. 

 I just now found this experience to be additionally frustrating when I find multiple features are now visible in landscape mode that I never could view in portrait mode?????

 I am thinking I will put this forum  on a back burner for a week or three in hopes that some of the concerns and suggestions made by the members can be implemented and perhaps allow a more user-friendly layout to be established.   

Best wishes, but other than the frustration of picture size limitations with the old forum, I had no complaints with the old lay out.

As is often said-

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.


Julian, Steve, and Chuck

Thanks for the additional input, it is of course the type of input we need it we're to resolve the issues. The goal of course is for the forums to work trouble free.

Joe I plan to work on the "look" of the posts, specifically the transparent background where the poster's name is located. I think it should be solid.

I like having the poster's location too, I haven't run across anyway to change that, I'll ask at the appropriate time. I don't want to distract Dave while he works on the iPhone "responsiveness" issue.


What do you think of this change in the art work (grey background)? I just figured-out how to do this this evening.

Please express your likes & dislikes, yeahs and nays, thumbs up or thumbs down.

If you like it in general, we can work from here.

There is currently some text that is DARK BLUE, they are links. I thought the color may help some folks find links, navigate, etc. Unfortunately this made the links in the header & footer blue as well. I'm hoping there is HTML code I can insert into the header & footer to make the links white again. But I'm waiting to see what the overall reception from you folks is like before I go further.

Julian, the pagination is now visible at the bottom of the pages.

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aaa_Jag_Forum_LookI like your new color scheme better, and I like / appreciate the blue for the links. 

Personally, I would like:

1.  Less Line spacing in the posts.  One carriage return moves the next line down really far.  Note my numbering here.

2.  Smaller text

3.  Use the inch of margin on the left to put the username & info.  Expand the inch of margin on the right.

Less gap between posts.

4.  Something like this site ( IMHO maximizes space, and is pleasing on the eye...  You can't read it as well here, because the picture is compressed, (It's showing the entire width of my monitor in about 66% of the space here).


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joules posted:

It is not intuitive, I tried to eliminate getting an email every time someone posts to a thread I posted on and also need to uncheck the little 'follow' button to the lower left of the reply box!

Under personal settings are two boxes:

(1) Follow content when you create new content
(2) Follow content when you comment/reply.

Those are obviously global settings that shall be applied to everything you post. You are correct that the "posting" box also has a box you can check which gives you a choice to follow or "un-follow" a specific thread or post. That box is not "automatically" checked unless one or both of the global boxes have been checked.

In your case it seems it would be best for you to "uncheck" the global settings, allowing yourself to follow only those posts you decide to follow, which you can then select to follow on an individual basis.

The software of the new platform is neither easier nor more difficult to learn to use than the software of the old platform was. Its not even all that different, there's just many more features, and many more choices. And with those features and choices comes the necessity to learn to manage them, which is as simple as checking a box or two, or clicking a link.  Julian I have confidence you'll learn to use the new software quickly, just as you learned to use the old software, and once you do the exasperation you feel now will disappear.

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First post in a long time. Wow how things have changed. I've visited and read the most recent posts but have otherwise been lost. I received a PM a few days ago and I'll just throw this out there in case it may be helpful to someone else. It appears the new forum software doesn't support (very well) Internet Explorer or at least not any version except the latest release which I don't own.

The big problem with IE, even when logged on, there are virtually no navigation bars/menus  displayed making it almost impossible to navigate. Online status indicators are missing etc. It finally dawned on me to have a look from another browser (MS Edge, Chrome, my mobile) and now the nav bars, menus and status icons if you are trying to view from IE, forget it.

Having said that, even when viewing from the other browsers, and as a moderator & administrator of other forums and having built my own websites, I must say I still find the various navigation options on the main nav menus and the general forum structure to be quite different than most web forums and consequently quite unintuitive and difficult to use.

Is there anything equivalent to saved "favorite threads" in the previous forum? Or are those lost?

Sorry, don't mean to be negative, just keepin it real.



panterror posted:

I see there is a grey menu bar and Icon now at the top of the landing page so maybe this was addressed. Certain it wasn't there b4.



Hi Kelly glad your back, hope you stay.

The Nav-bar design has been there all along, since the new forums went on-line.

In terms of changes to the look or lay-out … I have not made changes to the forums in about a month. Perhaps more. My sense of passing time is not as good as it once was. Safe to say no changes since your next to last visit.

The forums look the same on IE, Chrome & Firefox on the PC & laptop I use at home, plus Debbie's phone, which is an iPhone. That's the only stuff I have to test with. I use IE on a daily basis & Debbie uses Chrome. That way we are constantly testing with the two most common search engines.

HOOP.LA has been around since 2014, it is a professionally designed and mature platform. I'm sure it looks the same on all screens of the same dimensions & orientation, regardless of the navigation software, so long as that software is compliant with all current standards. If anyone is using software that is out of date, that's a problem on THEIR end, not Social Strata's.

I must disagree that the new forum platform is odd or unintuitive, or the navigation features lacking,  in comparison to any internet venue featuring responsive programming.

I am working on a progress report.

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