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Hey Mic, just noticed this post and read from beginning to end...

Man, what a ride. And just since no one has said it, you SHOULD'VE APPLIED OPPOSITE LOCK, PULLED THE HANDBRAKE, AND DONE A THROTTLE-ON OVERSTEER like me or any other lying so and so would've done in that situation.

So glad you're okay, and your attitude is even better. Your car will be fine. A case of Krylon and a case of beer = perfection.

Keep us posted on your progress. Your words about your fellow members and drive mates was very encouraging. Carry on,
So glad to hear you walked away from this and the cat landed so softly (not on all 4s unfortunately, but it looks like it should be back on it's feet by the time the snow melts).

The knowledge and support of the Pantera community is awesome. We all hope this never happens to us, but if it does, having this team around sure is comforting.

And don't worry about your pride being dented, tell yourself that you hit the ditch to avoid hitting Carmen - You're a Hero!!!

As for the repair work, keep us posted, and also post any listing of parts you might need (if the insurance gets sticky and you need to do some of this out of pocket) - I haven't been around long-enough to have a lot of spare parts (yet), but I'd be glad to donate what I have (some suspension components and an oil pan) - at least we're not tin-cupping for any body parts ... again, really glad you're ok!
Hey you know that might be a good idea. Although, after having his Pantera sit at Scotti for YEARS, he finally gave up and had it towed back to Ottawa a couple weeks back. He's planning to restore it, which is great news.

My advice is to become a daily pain in the ass to them. Soon they'll get annoyed with constantly seeing you and they'll get things moving.

Good luck!

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