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I am going to be putting some speakers in my car.  I was looking for the Hall top sound or the jc Whitney sound bar about a year ago, but both are no longer available.  I stumbled on to the Custom Autosound sound bar for Corvettes.  It looks like the same one, just in case someone might be interested.  I purchased an Alpine 8” 50 watt powered sub with a built in 50 watt 4  channel amp contained within the sub woofer enclosure.  I was going to put some speakers in the kick panels or have an enclosure made with speakers that would fit on the outer part of of the bulkhead, but after seeing this sound bar, I might go in that direction instead.  Do any of the owners that installed one of the Hall speaker systems have any comments on fitment?


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I have this, fits great. The big problem is that the speakers inside it are terrible. I put Focals in there instead, and put a flat sub behind the passenger seat since it can't go back all the anyway because of the hump in the firewall. It's not going to shake the windows or win any audiophile awards, but for me it works great. The Focals can actually put out a lot of sound so on the freeway with the windows down, there are no issues. And it's neat having the sound right above/behind you rather than down by your feet from the door panels. Only thing is if your head is already scraping the roof, then you might want to test fit it first to see if your seating position causes your head to contact it.



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Thanks Riley for the reply.  I ordered it from Summit tonight.  I just stumbled across the sound bar today.  I was pretty happy about it since I gave up looking after being informed that is was no longer available from the above companies.  In another thread I read that the speakers were not that great.  I will probably upgrade them like you did.  The Alpine power amp and 8” sub is going to go behind the passenger seat.  I am not looking for audiophile sound, just something that sounds decent.  I figured I would let others know that it is still available.  Thanks again for the info and picture.

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Some owners use certain years of Fiero seats in their Panteras. They have factory speakers built into the headrests. Remember, industrial-strength explosions are happening a foot from your ears, so unless you use  a LOT of sound deadening in the cabin and a double thickness rear window, your tunes will probably not be worth the trouble. Especially with what passes for 'music' today.  We've had a Pioneer stereo & CD player with good speakers in the doors for 30 years, and we seldom even turn it on. We both prefer the Cleveland Symphony out the pipes.

I had my interior reupholstered.  I know about the Fiero seats  with the speakers in them, but was trying to my interior looking stock for the most part.  I think the speakers in the seats is a good idea for space and sound.  You are right, the stereo has some good competition and will probably lose, but I figured I would at least give it a try.

That is a pretty good idea.  Could probably fit some 1” tweeters in the headrests or maybe a 2” - 3” speaker.  My headrests measured around 10” wide at the base and about 5.5” high, 2.5”-3” deep.   A lot of the newer cars have a tweeter and small speaker mounted in the door and the sub woofers placed under the seats.  The higher frequencies are more directional and placed closer to the ears.

@Does200. I was thinking about mounting the speakers in the same spot.  The only difference is, I was thinking about having small speaker enclosures made that would attach to the seatbelt bolt and would sit on top of the bulkhead.  It could be removed without modifications to the stock panel.    I think your set came out very nice.

I had speakers in my door panels, but after having my interior reupholstered, I have been reluctant on cutting holes in them again.  

Jimmy, you do NOT need to cut the door panels. Take them off and mount the speakers well inside the door frame and cut a hole in the door backing (if there isn't one there already). That leaves the thin upholstery intact overb the big hole with the speakers behind it. I left mine that way and for me, sound comes thru just fine. Some guys get artistic and draw a big DeTomaso dogbone or something similar on the upholstered skin over the speaker, then punch a series of 1/8" holes outlining the logo. Looks trick & maybe gives a bit better fidelity. Get creative!

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