I'm guessing I maybe posting this in the wrong section / category. But, it truly is something I recently found and was hoping for some more information about it...

 I recently purchased this large (and heavy) metal porcelain De Tomaso "dealership" sign...

 I've looked online and can't find a similar sign as this one. So, I was hoping someone here might be able to help me out with some information...

- Is it a dealership sign? Or a older well made reproduction?20190809_11534820190809_115425


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 Are you sure it is porcelain as opposed to a high-quality epoxy  paint?

 What is its size?  Is just the logo embossed or are any other portions embossed but not showing well in the photo? 

 There were factory signs that resemble this in addition to reproductions. Julian , known as Joules on this forum, undoubtedly still has some of his reproductions for sale. 


That looks like the sign that Julian (Joules on this board) had made up a few years ago.  PM him to see if he has any more.


Someone else was looking at having some made in Europe too, but don't know if they ever completed that project.


The stamping is different than the reproduction signs I had made, mine were crafted after an original De Tomaso Dealer sign, but I also believe there may have been numerous variants in steel and plastic.

I have seen photos of one like this previously where just the 'T' is stamp relief and it was portrayed as an original.

mwelter posted:

It looks like one of the 50 signs, that Roland Jaeckel from Germany got from an unpaid DeTomaso order in a small company in Italy after the bancrupt of DeTomaso.


Yes I think that is where my photo came from when Roland had them on eBay

I'd first like to say thank-you for your comments and sorry for this slow reply. I wanted to wait to reply until I had my sign in front of me. So I can offer some more information...

 - Its definitely a porcelain sign. Because as you rub your hand over the sign you can feel the different layers at the edge of each color.

- Its made of heavy gauge steel. Upper left corner / edge has a chip. Metal is 3/32" thick

 - Its exactly 23-1/2" x 17-1/2" in size. Did I mention its heavy!

 - It has a slight "bow" to it. Not bent. Like it was lightly rolled on a English wheel.

 - Only the Tomaso "T" is embossed / stamped into the sign. Possible reason for its "bow"?

 + I looked at the links provided (again, THANKS!) and I had seen those signs before, while looking for information on this sign. None of the signs I found online matched my sign. That's why I'm a bit baffled. I can't seem to find another like it, for comparison...

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